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Memorial Day - Poem

They gave their lives,

To protect this land,

They gave their future,

So proudly we can stand.

They gave their families,

So we can have ours, 29 more words

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Timber falls — a
Gentle sound.

A beetle overturns a leaf —
A ground-shaking move.

When my wrinkled feet
Guide me to my wrinkled bed, I… 62 more words


10 ways to be happy... 

-spend more time with people who genuinely love you

-honor your physical being; take care of your body

-have a hobby… or several, that have nothing to do with making money… 54 more words

"I Never Saw Another Butterfly": Poetry of the Holocaust

I am currently teaching a unit on literature of the Holocaust. It’s depressing, it’s emotional . . .and it’s so important. Our students need to be reminded of the horrors that happened because of propaganda and fear. 411 more words


Talking about Death with Children

by Katie Brazerol

Many people will be honoring loved ones who have passed away this Memorial Day. However, many people hesitate to discuss death with children. 633 more words

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