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Why Do People Need to Sleep?

I guess Mikey wasn’t sleeping in class, because he gave me a great Serious Question to work on!  So let’s see what happens when we sleep… 240 more words


I’m remembering winter,
The snow, so sweet and cold,
Twirling down
Coating the ground
In white gold.
How it shimmered in the sun.
Now, like all else, vanished, 35 more words

Creative Writing

Lack of Remembering

Again, with so much activity, I am finding it difficult to remember dreams.  I had a dream I wanted to post but all I remember about it was making some sort of selections of items.   10 more words


I didn't know if you remember

I didn’t know if you remember
I’ll not be around you
I’m not going to be your shadow

Did you remember?
Before this you were asking me… 122 more words

Underground Poetry

remember best

not into this

and ran from that

however at the center

and what was truly happening

it was the sparkle

and its own buzz

and how it all centered… 41 more words


Remember: The Brokenhearted

May 23, 2016

Last week while I was out of town, I received word that a 10-year-old young man for whom I had been praying for more than a year was in his last days, possibly hours, of life. 450 more words


The Works of Your Hands

The Works Of Your Hands

How we love  to look at what we’ve accomplished  and proclaim,  “I did that!”     And,  we’re given just so much more reason  to be proud  when someone else  pats us on the back  and exclaims,  “Good job!     843 more words