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giddy-up: 40

Arrogant would be an incorrect descriptor of the author; however, bored to tears would suffice in describing the overall gist of writing to an imaginary audience. 44 more words

I’d just like to say rest in peace to those who lost their lives in Tunisia, who we commemorated with a silence today.
We will never forget these people. 33 more words


Very Good Helpers

I’m sorry about
our soldiers because
they past away
and they were
very good helpers.

~A poem by my son, 6 years old
He asks,  21 more words


MLK Statue Will Replace White Supremacist On Georgia Capitol Grounds

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the country’s most lauded citizens, will be finally honored by his home state with a sculpture on its capitol grounds. 262 more words


Advice To Remember When Choosing A Web Host

Since most companies bundle the two services together, many people don’t realize there is a difference between domain name registration and web hosting. Both are important components in maintaining a successful online presence, but only the hosting component will continue to need attentionRead more…


Why is it Important to Remember who we used to be?

When asked the question in sermon notes, “Why is it important for us to remember who we used to be?” my answer hinged on the truth that what God has done in my life—in me–is completely tied to who I used to be before Christ. 242 more words


Dreamy Boy in my Dreams

I am one of those people who “doesn’t have dreams” very often.

(Yes, I know that every single person has dreams every night but we don’t always remember them.) 402 more words