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American Coin Treasures 7425 Year To Remember Coin Box Set 1965-2013

American Coin Treasures 7425 Year To Remember Coin Box Set 1965-2013

Dimension – 6.25 x 1.50 x 4.25 in.
Item Weight – 0.50 lbs

This wonderful collection is like a time capsule. 18 more words

Someone Define "Alzheimer's" for Drama Writers

As far as I know, Alzheimer’s disease is a tragic condition that happens to people over sixty where they gradually lose their memory and judgement.  According to writers of Korean dramas, Alzheimer’s is a disease that can strike young men at any age, which rapidly progresses into immersive delusions followed by periods of total normalcy.   540 more words




The veil between the worlds is thinnest

When the heart remembers.

Susan Korsnick 2016 6 more words


The Past Is Hard

The past is hard.

I want to remember the good but can’t.

The bad sneaks up to take what it can.

I thought it wouldn’t stand the test of time. 8 more words

Random Sregit

Fun Along the Way

                                                During our journey, we can become very serious, 

                                          it is important to remember to have fun along the way.

Monthly Post 2016

Life Quote 14.

He who fights knows the pain of loss

She who gets killed understand death

He doesn’t favor her undeniable right

She can’t get up again and try to fight.

  • Bhuvan Mishra.

That His Heart May Not Be Lifted Up Above His Countrymen

That  His Heart  May Not Be Lifted Up  Above His Countrymen

In His wisdom,  God gave Israel  a list  of guidelines  in Deuteronomy 17  for everyone  serving as king  over them.    506 more words