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best remember

call and it was  the books

and when it was the pleasure

and how it  often

and when it was the station

and where it rolled… 47 more words



Remember? When we first met?

That first glance of not knowing what the future holds

Remember? When we first texted?

That first laugh not knowing how addicting it can get… 421 more words


The dance IS love.

The dance is LOVE

love burrows under the skin
infinity pours in all directions

i am hopeless
to forget

i have flown beyond

in this sea… 9 more words

A New Kind Of Person

Gathering Songs for Your Musical Bouquet


That was the lesson from my previous post. If you’re a musical entertainer and you want to distinguish yourself from all the other musical entertainers out there, you won’t do it by singing the same number one hit songs on Top 40 radio that everyone else is singing or the same tunes that everyone has downloaded to their iPod. 703 more words


Never Forget. 

You never forget either kindness or unkindness shown to you.

Sometimes this is a strength, and sometimes it is a flaw. In any case, it is who I am and I must accept both its positive and negative roles in my life, the same as I try with everything else.

Personal Journal

Prince’s Jr. High School Basketball Photo Is Beyond Epic

Anyone who’s watched Chappelle’s Show knows that Prince is a basketball genie, but now we have further proof that The Artist has always been a b-ball wiz. 255 more words

Entertainment News

The Walking Dead: S5 E12 Remember

There may or may not be spoilers ahead, proceed with caution…

CARL DIED!  WHAT!?  I can’t believe Daryl shot him, I mean I know we all wanted to, but HOLY CRAP! 939 more words