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Why? The hardest simple Question ever.....

No more, no more
No more, no more

Me and my life a screamer bound to a wife in marriage
Baby I’m a dreamer
Found my horse and carriage… 964 more words

Brotherly Love

Welcome back friends! Last week was rough, had death in the family and some trying circumstances, but I’m back. All my love, CJ.

Where I’m from, March 12th is a day of remembrance for a true saint and friend.  

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Remembering Leadership...

Tying a string to one’s finger does not really help. Mental exercises are often suggested, but few follow through because they forget. The older we get the more difficult it seems just to remember. 59 more words

spiderman in new york

(verse 1)

can we talk about that green-streaked fever dream, one week of nothing but you on my mind, don’t know why you would try to hide it… 461 more words


It’s been too long since I sat down to the keyboard to write. Too busy. Too distracted. Too discouraged. Too jaded. Too frustrated. Too uncertain. Too many excuses. 1,219 more words

The Blog

That day

Remember that day?

I was enjoying what I was doing,

Eating my food,

Minding my own business.

When my aunt lashed out at me.

She called me fat, 567 more words

Brown Iris

Behind those brown hair locks, there
lived a face with eyes like sunset near dock.
How foolish was I who ignored universe within her,
And only looked at brown iris nature brought. 66 more words