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I know the feeling

I don’t always remember all the things that upset me,
The unfairness,
The injustices,
The mean things said.
But I remember the feelings.
This makes it difficult to argue my case a lot of the time. 45 more words


Everyday, we get a new day
To start over
To get things right

The gift we take for granted
We think it lasts… 63 more words



The alcohol numbed my skin

and I wished it hadn’t.

I wish I remembered everything

the way it happened,

That way I could find some comfort in you

even when I’m alone.

Thinking Things


The Latin word inventio – itself from the constituents in and venire, compounding to the sense of “to come upon” or discover – lies at the root of both the English words invention and inventory. 244 more words


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It seems as if lately God has been calling me to remember Him…and it’s sad how often I really do need the reminder he places on my heart.   379 more words