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Forget Me Not

Princess Christiana simply loved her life. Every day she chased butterflies and dreamed of her future as royalty. She was the daughter of the King. 845 more words

10 things i'd say to me at 16

Looking at it now, it’s quite funny how clueless I was at 16. To put it a different way, I had no idea how much I would learn in those next two years—how much I would grow. 281 more words


How I Save Money At Home As A Student

I always get told: “Wow you have so much money. How do you afford to travel so much?” Truth is, I don’t. I’m just a cheap full-time uni student like most, but I sacrifice a lot in order to save, and I strategically spend money.  1,354 more words


Poetry Saturday: Remember by Christina Rosetti

Hello everybody and happy Saturday!

This week I am starting a brand new feature where I introuduce you to one of my favourite poems every week. 223 more words


What happened to her?

I was listening to this song, “Every Time You Run” by Manafest ft. Trevor McNevan, and a flood of memories came over me. My past. These lyrics reminding me of the darkness I was rescued from. 926 more words