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You never know which day is your last, so living each to the fullest allows yourself to have fewer or no regrets.

Quote Of The Day

Fear of Death

“It’s not that I am afraid of dying – I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” ~ Woody Allen.

Most of us are afraid of dying. 178 more words


A common sight for the hiker, at least of more accessible areas and trails, finds that the woods are not so different from the city streets: graffiti is plastered on the rocks and trees. 369 more words


Job (Sir 49:9-49:9)

“God also

Remembered Job.

He held fast

To all the ways of justice.”

It is fascinating to note that Sirach made mention of Job, who was not even an Israelite, but was the main character in the biblical… 40 more words

Tanka 86

Hope I won’t have to
Give lots of bling when I die –
To be remembered –
Fondly and by many in
Just some small place in the world… 198 more words


day 10

What do you want to be remembered for?

I suppose there are varying levels of depth in which one could respond to this question.

Superficially, it’d be nice to be remembered as intelligent, pretty, courageous, loving and loyal. 171 more words