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Forgetting is as Important as Remembering

I don’t know what I’m about to say.  I haven’t sat down and began writing/typing in a stream-of-consciousness style since about 8th grade.  I don’t even know where the title of this blog originated.   630 more words

Paper Stars

I’ve been folding my old love poems into paper stars.
I know I’ll need the light more soon than the memories.

My breath follows me when I walk, like a long stream of ghosts I kept locked in my chest for too long. 130 more words


The 30-Day Song Challenge: Day 23

Today’s Challenge: A Song I Played/Want Played At My Wedding

I’ve been a married lady for over nine years. Really, that’s still infancy for marriage. My parents were married 41 years. 691 more words


Remembering and Hoping

Today would’ve been my mom’s 82nd birthday.

And today I heard something that made me sad. I know I’m a grown woman who already has a child of her own, but at times like these, I just wish I could just pick up the phone and call her and cry my heart out. 70 more words


Meet my mate: Lu Taylor, artisan extraordinaire at 'Pickles & Stitches'

I’ve known Lu for around 4 years (I met her at Playgroup when our first dear darling daughter was a few months old).  So knowing that she’s a friend whose friendship I value dearly, it would be all too easy to believe that I’m playing the ‘she’s awesome’ song a little louder than is truthful… which is why I’ve included lots of photos of her work so you can see that actually if anything I should be turning it up. 979 more words

Viral Video: Remembering Golf Legend Arnold Palmer

Sadly, golf legend Arnold Palmer passed away yesterday.

Golf legend Arnold Palmer died yesterday at the age of 87. He was suffering heart problems last week. 222 more words