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Pet Peeve of the Cross

Christians are Christians and have all the promises and rewards and relationship and security that God provides because of the work of Jesus. And yes, His mode of sacrifice was the horrific cross. 145 more words


Notes to a friend

I don’t know if you think I’m a rational person or find anything I say useful, but I hope you’ll have a little faith that there are some things I know, and can speak on with some confidence. 391 more words


My CMU Top Ten

With graduation recently occurring, now is the time when many like myself begin to reflect on their favorite memories from their undergraduate experience. For me, I think back to the laughs, the tears, the money, the learning, the pain, the joy, the education, the overnighters, the mentoring, the stress, and the amounts of coffee that got me through these five years (sorry, it could of been four, but I was in Teacher Education) of my undergrad at Central Michigan University. 2,419 more words


140.) Fri Apr. 21, 2017

Originally Published on Apr. 21, 2017

The Song of the Day is:

Prince and The Revolution – “Raspberry Beret”

From the album Around the World in a Day… 104 more words

Song Of The Day

Plotting Cat in Memoriam

One of the amusing quirks about Boudicca is that sometimes she would channel her inner Maleficent but only in appearance. Her eyes would go green, and she’d regally recline with this smug expression, as though pondering her plan to take over the world. 28 more words


Never Lost

i realized i was smiling while doing my chores today
what am i feeling right now i ask myself
and my heart beats fast and answers my question without saying a single word… 62 more words


Lancaster has an amazingly majestic memorial, situated on a hill in Williamson Park and visible from all over the town.

No matter which way you look at it, the Ashton Memorial is quite breathtaking in size and detail, especially when the evening sun is setting and giving it a glowing, golden appearance. 1,197 more words