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Memory Bears

A Memory Bear is a lovely way to remember a loved one who has passed!  Use their favorite shirts or clothing and turn them into a beautiful bear that can be with you always. 13 more words

Handy Hints

Most Public Blowie Ever, Maybe

So I was making out with a guy, in the city, in a small park, on a seat, in the middle of the day, and there were a lot of buildings with a lot of windows overlooking us, like dozens at least, although there was also a tree next to us and over us, so maybe the people behind the windows couldn’t see. 546 more words


Remembering the Time

Lately, I have been remembering the time in my life from years past. While working, driving, or pumping gas I have been thinking about occurrences in my past relationships, remembering statements made by my parents, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, brothers, friends – you get my drift. 234 more words


Dear Eva

Dear Eva,

Yesterday I rejoiced
small but joyful changes
in your life, and the hope
of more to come

Today, you are gone
from the world of touch… 76 more words


The Dog Ate My Blog

Ok, not as bad as that, but I left my computer at my Mom’s apartment.

Mom died last week and my brother Dave and I were there today trying to get it together enough to move out by the  end of the month. 342 more words

Personal Stories

I wonder though,

when will it be, that it is no longer you?

There are moments, be assured.

But in the morning or afternoon

Evenings spent with others… 43 more words


I almost forgot today was supposed to be your birthday. With the hectic pace of my life right now, things go by in a blur. You know how I am always on my grind. 208 more words