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The Women's Room

Never has the “Women” sign felt so welcoming. All my previous rage about separateness fades as the illusion of drama dissipates in the Truth of Death. 935 more words



There are memories we both own
But there are pains we can never share;
While remembering is fair,
Suffering is mine alone.


Thinking About Daily Habits

When you tell me that you want to be fearless

What I fear is that you’ll lose your realness.

The inner thoughts that rumble

And the ways in which you stumble,

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Water Falling, Friends Calling

Before I ever started rock climbing I used to hike… alot, thousands of miles over the years. In high school and college it was backpacking with day hikes to get in shape. 530 more words


Empty Nest

I still miss the birds. The robins have been gone all month, and the air around me has quieted. They flocked in great numbers on the ground a month ago, earlier than usual, both those who were preparing to migrate and those who will stay. 262 more words


Reflections in the Night

Happy Saturday, everyone. I want to apologize for being little quieter than usual of late. As I have mentioned in prior posts, my personal world has been pretty noisy lately. 309 more words


Remembering My Mother #1

As I was going through my Facebook, one of my friends had posted multiple pictures of this really beautiful area. She was celebrating her parent’s anniversary. 627 more words