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10,000 Steps

“The river flowed both ways.”*

Memories. Boy, can they fuck you up. Lead you down a path you never would have gone if you’d just been sensible and forgotten.

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Killing Fields Living Fields

Yesterday marked the 40 year anniversary of when the Khmer Rouge stormed Phnom Penh and forced the population to evacuate to the country. During the next four years the Khmer Rouge tried to eradicate all religious groups especially Christians. 473 more words


40 Years on: Rememeber Fall of Phnom Penh to Khmer Rouge

Yesterday, Friday 17th April 2015 marked the 40 year anniversary of when Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge and the whole city was evacuated to work in the countryside in one of modern histories the biggest forced migrations. 575 more words


Where We Belong.

Nothing about life is predictable. We are human, and we are volatile, and we change. As children, we are forced to follow our parents where their lives take them. 543 more words

My Life/Mi Vida

My missing sister

As I mentioned in my first blog, the thing that got me into investigating my family history were a trio of old black and white photos.  493 more words


A Long Time Ago... in your own back yard

So, you’re the only one in the family with a passion for crafting?  Wonder where that came from. And, remember the last family gathering?  Everyone said how much you looked like Aunt Sophie.  324 more words


Surfing on the sands of time...

I am surfing on the sands of time…

A tidal wave of years

roll off before me

Scouring away the day to day… 239 more words