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So Far Gone Already

What I’m feeling is hard for me to describe, even though I’m a writer by trade. It’s been just a little over a week now since we last spoke as boyfriend and girlfriend, and already, it’s like you’re someone I dreamed up. 696 more words

Waiting for Papa

I wrote this as a gift for my parents in 1998. I think it’s appropriate to share on Memorial Day.

I don’t remember the day my dad came home from the war. 1,372 more words


What are You Willing to Sacrifice to be the Disruptive Leader?

The essence of great leadership is disruption. While followers maintain the status quo, it takes a special individual to make radical changes in the world. We can be that… 567 more words


In Memoriam...

“All gave some…Some gave all. Some stood through for the Red White and Blue …Some had to fall ”
-BRC….song lyrics-

Thanks for all the sacrifices!!!

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How to celebrate Memorial Day...

Charlie Bear here.

Today is Memorial Day. I have memory. I remember.

There are men and women out there who are fighting for all of us so we can remain free. 83 more words


Memorial Day Sermon from 2012

The year my Dad died we traveled to Washington D.C. to celebrate my brother earning his doctorate. We visited the Mall and the memorials. On a beautiful spring day, we gazed upon the lifelike Korean War soldiers cast in bronze moving up a slight slope. 2,604 more words

Childhood Smellies

We started Atticus on solid foods in the last week, partly because he suddenly grew two teeth but mostly to see if filling his tummy up before bedtime was going to result in him sleeping through the night. 558 more words