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Time Alone Creates Lifelong Memories

I went to Korea in the summer of 2010 and had an experience which seemed like any other but ended up staying within me for years. 595 more words


Good Friday 04.19.19

O God, this night of remembering,

is difficult to endure.

It’s troubling to remember this part of the story

and others like it.

It’s painful to think that horrifying deaths like this continue. 73 more words

falling for you

“Hey,” Jo said skating up next to Bina.

She smiled and said hello back.

They were at the skating rink in Anderson. Every other month their homeschool group would rent out the place as a sort of social for kids. 288 more words


A Giant Cover Up? Remembering the Very Brief WWF Career of 'Trapper John'

Brian Damage

If you have ever followed the career of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, you would know that Vince always had a love affair with giants. The bigger the wrestler, the better. 689 more words


Hello Blog

Hi guys! Its been a while…A few updates:

  • We got selected to be delegates for an International Convention in Berlin, Germany. This will be my first EVER and Winfred’s second.
  • 298 more words
Lessons Learned


They say my pain will go away,

but they never knew you at all.

They never felt my heart pound

when you walked into the room. 88 more words

Life Lessons

"At Least They Didn't Take Anyone Else With Them"

This is the solace of the parent of a suicide completer. I remember thinking it in the aftermath of Patrick’s death. It wasn’t an immediate thought, but it did occur to me within hours of learning that he had died. 376 more words