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I Remember

Do you remember the old song Memories by Barbara Streisand? I could sing some of the lyrics for you but you probably wouldn’t appreciate that so let me just say them for you: 412 more words


love each other through it

Yesterday I had a medical appointment I had been dreading. It’s a routine procedure that shouldn’t be scary, but is. Suffice to say that the procedure triggers memories of a very bad time while Jeff was dying. 632 more words



This month marks the 10-year anniversary of my “retirement”.  I never actually set out to retire.  In fact, I thought I was embarking on a romantic adventure to raise my daughter bi-lingual in a charming and provincial Swiss winemaking village.   1,204 more words



first you encounter steel-wool static
clouds of it
like a noisy class in a bottomless afternoon
then you
remember to breathe and regroup yourself a little… 422 more words


The Moulding Mechanism

When I was a very little boy I played with Sally my dog, my ball, my other toys, learned to read because I wanted to and slept when I was tired. 380 more words


Remembering my girls... on paper

Last month I read an article about preserving digital data in the event of it not being accessible in the future (click here for news article… 112 more words


The double-edged sword.


As my fellow anxiety sufferers will understand, forgetting is not an easy thing to do. In a conversation with my boyfriend earlier when asked what I do when something is causing me anxiety, he replied, “You’d try to forget.” That got me thinking about what I remember and what I don’t and how that influences my mental state. 637 more words