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I am from the region of Saint-Etienne in France.  In the local dialecte, “le parler gaga”, bissignette is an exclamation expressing pity, in a sweet way: “oh, poor thing!”  In my hometown, we used to say “beauseigne” when the object of pity was male, and “bichette” when the object of pity was female.   157 more words


1:06 a.m.

it’s hot today, the window’s open, i can feel the wind on my skin, my tea is hot going down my throat, if i close my eyes i can hear cars on the road, the wind running through the grass. 210 more words



People come and go,
but we never really get used to it.
Sometimes, life separates,
other times, it’s death that causes it.

The ones we care about, 75 more words

This Is How You Remember Your Pain Without Letting It Destroy You

apricotberlinAs someone who writes, I’ve started to notice we all have a tendency to identify ourselves with our pain. This isn’t really a bad thing, per se. 33 more words


Stuck In A Moment/Comfortably Numb

Some times

Some things

Some moments

Fleeting glimpses of life

Flashes of things passing you by

Some happenings are such that you want to capture them… 157 more words



Unprecedented, the news said, as though God had heard news of global warming and sent every bit of statewide emergency He had to make sure we remembered to call it “Climate Change.” Deep in the white fluff, children played and people died, the snow I played in a body pillow next to the Charles River. 425 more words

Taylor Reinhart