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* ~ _ Dear Grandfather _ ~ *

During this time of the year
I  think about you more often
of what we talked about
and the things we did together

It makes me smile remembering you… 34 more words



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Common Sense

Going Way Back...

I was remembering an old friend of mine I meant in my early recovery process. I believe I might have been sober for 5 or 6 years at the time. 171 more words

My Thoughts

sharing grief

The death of my mother has left this giant imprint on my life. Sometimes it feels like a piece of my heart is missing. Or like I am a completely different person than I was before she died… Or like I see things entirely differently now that death has touched my life. 683 more words

seeking order, finding order

My studio is small and it’s such a mess.

I straighten it out periodically, but it quickly becomes chaotic again. The chaos almost never interferes with my working, but it does interfere with my being able to move projects forward smoothly. 854 more words


You Did WHAT to Prince's Music?

The news of Prince’s recent death was a shock. At 57 years old, an iconic music legend was gone. There was no long illness, no cause of death given, just a confirmation from the proper authorities that he was no longer among the living. 933 more words