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Proust: The Moment Is Always Now

“Remembrance of Things Past”
Mar 19th Part #90


“People claim that we recapture for a moment the self that we were long ago when we enter some house or garden in which we used to live in our youth. 40 more words


A little help with reading the hardest books in the world? :)

How Proust can Change your Life by Alain de Botton

So maybe that’s a slightly flippant title for a post – is Proust’s Remembrance of Times Past/In Search of Lost Time the hardest book in the world? 547 more words

Proust: Invisibility

“Remembrance of Things Past”
Mar 12th Part #89


“Sometimes in the afternoon sky the moon would pass white as a cloud, furtive, lusterless, like an actress who does not have to perform yet and who, from the audience, in street clothes, watches the other actors for a moment, making herself inconspicuous, not wanting anyone to pay attention to her.” ― Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way


Proust: Transported

“Remembrance of Things Past”
Mar 5th Part #88


“On no days of our childhood did we
live so fully perhaps as those we
thought we had left behind without… 12 more words


Proust: Bombasity

“Remembrance of Things Past”
Feb 26th – Part #87


“For everyone who, having no artistic sense-that is to say, no submission to subjective reality-may have the knack of reasoning about art till doomsday, especially if he be, in addition, a diplomat or financier in contact with the ‘realities’ of the present day, is only too ready to believe literature is an intellectual game which is destined to gradually be abandoned as time goes on.” ― Marcel Proust, Time Regained


Proust: Wisdom

“Remembrance of Things Past”
Feb 19th – Part #86


“We do not receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves, after a journey through the wilderness which no one else can make for us, which no one can spare us, for our wisdom is the point of view from which we come at last to regard the world.”
― Marcel Proust