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Food for Thought-A Remembrance of Things Proust

The harsh,
merciless vision,
Of Proust’s catgut dreams,
Tell me a story,
I do not want to hear,
Of jealous memories,
And common love,
Excluded by time, 12 more words

Food For Thought

Remembrance of things past

Remembrance of things past

Nothing can ever last

You held me tight

Throughout the night

Then we awoke

Into the morning light

Dreams are all we had… 86 more words


Gold Chains and Madeleines

So, what have Marcel Proust, Sandy Koufax, and Sylvester Stallone all have in common? “I’ll take ‘Things Completely Unrelated’ for $800, please.”

I firmly believe that intelligence, creativity, and education are all about putting things together that have no apparent reason for being on the same planet, let alone in the same neighborhood. 825 more words

Book Review: Swann's Way (In Search of Lost Time Volume #1) by Marcel Proust

Shortly after finishing Swann’s Way, I was at a loss for words. While my impressions were mostly positive, my thoughts were nonetheless mixed, and I found it difficult to put in words – even to myself – such an unprecedented, bizarre experience. 951 more words


WRITER: Marcel Proust


Marcel Proust was born in South-Western Paris, in 1871. So, how did I first hear about the French novelist? Well, it was his love of madeleines, the little French shell-shaped cakes, often served with tea or hot chocolate. 85 more words

Stories About Writers

Thoughts on Reading Proust's Remembrance of Things Past

I have owned the two volumes of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past probably for 3 decades. They were published in 1934 and I just learned recently on Wikipedia that my edition is the earliest translation of Proust’s remarkable work of fiction. 747 more words

I Can't Remember To Forget You: Proust and the Mother of All Descriptive Novels

Description. It doesn’t come easily to me. Other writers have spoken about this–there seems to be a definite divide among writers: some agonize over dialogue, while others have trouble with description. 1,223 more words