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Proust: 'Grasping Meaning' | Remembrance of Things Past #134

Grasping Meaning

“Although she failed to grasp the meaning of this speech, she did understand that it might belong to the category of ‘scoldings’ and scenes of reproach or supplication, and her familiarity with men enabled her, without paying attention to the details of what they said, to conclude that they would not make such scenes if they were not in love, that since they were in love it was pointless to obey them, they would be only more in love afterward.” ― Marcel Proust


Proust: 'The Memory of Time' | Remembrance of Things Past #133

The Memory of Time

“Poets claim that we recapture for a moment the self that we were long ago when we enter some house or garden in which we used to live in our youth. 35 more words


Proust: 'Blissed To the Outer World' | Remembrance of Things Past #132

Blissed To the Outer World

“Carried away in a sort of dream, he smiled, then he began to hurry back towards the lady; he was walking faster than usual, and his shoulders swayed backwards and forwards, right and left, in the most absurd fashion; altogether he looked, so utterly had he abandoned himself to it, ignoring all other considerations, as though he were the lifeless and wire-pulled puppet of his own happiness.”
― Marcel Proust


Proust: 'There Burns the Flame' | Remembrance of Things Past #131

There Burns the Flame

“A person does not, as I had imagined, stand motionless and clear before our eyes with his merits, his defects, his plans, his intentions with regard to ourselves (like a garden at which we gaze through a railing with all its borders spread out before us), but is a shadow which we can never penetrate, of which there can be no such thing as direct knowledge, with respect to which we form countless beliefs, based upon words and sometimes actions, neither of which can give us anything but inadequate and as it proves contradictory information — a shadow behind which we can alternately imagine with equal justification, that there burns the flame of hatred and of love.” ― Marcel Proust


Proust: 'Memories Fade . Some' | Remembrance of Things Past #130


“I was not unhappy, except one day at a time.”

“A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.” 82 more words


Proust: 'Natural Honesty' | Remembrance of Things Past #129


“When he talked, there was a sort of mushy sound to his pronunciation that was charming because one sensed that it betrayed not so much an impediment in his speech as a quality of his soul, a sort of vestige of early childhood innocence that he had never lost. 21 more words


Proust: 'Poignant Yearning' | "Remembrance of Things Past" | #128


“Happiness contracted by the cold, forced to withdraw into itself, to close into its heart, it is there that I find the greatest intensity. 20 more words