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Proust: 'Company of Trees'

“Remembrance of Things Past”
November 19th 2017 | #125

Company of Trees

“…the warm glazes, the sparkling penumbra of the room itself and, through the little window framed with honeysuckle, in the rustic avenue, the resilient dryness of the sun-parched earth, veiled only by the diaphanous gauze woven of distance and the shade of the trees.” ― Marcel Proust… 28 more words


Proust: 'Lack of Congenial Company'

“Remembrance of Things Past”
November 12th 2017 | #124

Lack of Congenial Company

“Compared with that of a great artist, the friendliness of a great nobleman, however charming it may be, seems like play-acting, like simulation. 69 more words


Proust: 'Illusory Hope'

“Remembrance of Things Past”
November 5th 2017 | #123

Illusory Hope

“Knowledge of the thing cannot impede it; but at least we have the things we discover, if not in our hands, at least in thought, and there they are at your disposal, which inspires us to the illusory hope of enjoying a kind of dominion over them.” ― Marcel Proust


Proust: 'Effect of Reading Shakespeare'

“Remembrance of Things Past”
October 29th 2017 | #122

Effect of Reading Shakespeare

“Nine tenths of the ills from which intelligent people suffer spring from their intellect. 48 more words


Proust: 'No Trace of Irony'

“Remembrance of Things Past”
October 22nd 2017 | #121

No Trace of Irony

“ was so humble of heart and so gentle that her tenderness for others and her disregard for herself and her own troubles blended in a smile which, unlike those seen on the majority of human faces, bore no trace of irony save for herself, while for all of us kisses seemed to spring from her eyes, which could not look upon those she loved without seeming to bestow upon them passionate caresses.”
― Marcel Proust


Proust: 'I Loved Her'

“Remembrance of Things Past”
October 15th 2017 | #120

I Loved Her

“I loved her ; I was sorry not to have had the time and the inspiration to insult her, to hurt her, to force her to keep some memory of me. 40 more words


Proust: 'Charming Gardeners'

“Remembrance of Things Past”
October 8th 2017 | #119

Charming Gardeners

“The true voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust… 22 more words