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Keep in Touch: A Tribute to Jay Cross

(from Informal Learning, p. 7)

Last night I called a dear friend whom I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Too long, in fact — again. 599 more words


The Belated, "Dad, You're Amazing!"

the picture came attached to the papers

Remembering the father, translated…

My great grandfather was the second place highest scorer of the exams, my grandfather was a doctor who saved many lives, I am, from a family of scholars and very well-educated people.  426 more words


May I Have Your Autograph?

At the age when I was going to pajama parties and dancing to LP’s of Elvis and then the Beatles  (I’m old!), I was the proud owner of an autograph hound.  524 more words


Happy Birthday the Momma

Yesterday my mom would have turned 68 years old.  I wanted to call her, I wanted to tease her about getting old.  Wanted her to tease me about being 50 and having a son that is 30 but that didn’t happen. 500 more words

Brief Sadness

Canunda Beach stretches,

majestic in its wildness

White horses of waves

race to the beach

in giddy excitement, 62 more words


2015 New England Geneablogger Bash

Manchester By The Sea

This beautiful cove greeted my niece Abby Junkins and myself as we near or day’s destination. The 2015 Geneablogger Bash hosted by  202 more words


On the origin and fate of the Vlachs, and the question of ethnicity

Before I completely lose my ability to reflect logically and coherently, I should say a word or two about the Vlachs, who they are and what distinguishes them from other populations in the Balkans. 14,945 more words