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late in the day - October 20


late into the day


neck, shoulders




Our Plans

Our plans and God’s plans are often different.

For my mother, her plans were fulfilled in the children, sort of.  When I was going to college, my mother and I talked one day.  951 more words

A Journey Of Faith

Alias Smith

Another Fictional Story, or is it?

When I was a brand new platoon leader in the Army, I took a quick assessment of the guys in my platoon.  1,188 more words

A Journey Of Faith

This Was Once a Big Deal

The image above is a newspaper advertisement from 1971. Amtrak was a mere seven months old and just finding its footing.

Now it had something it felt was worth talking about. 317 more words


I die … a little

Three days in a row mentioning the same song, but I couldn’t resist.

Every time we say goodbye, I die a little,
Every time we say goodbye, I wonder why a little, 1,253 more words

A Journey Of Faith

Bad Roommate/don't play with spirits

Real talk, I lived w/ this really toxic unhealthy white dude for a short period of time with my ex. He would do shit like disappear for several days and call us to demand bill money that didn’t make sense, also he regularly stole stuff from people’s houses (he was a mover), he also built a fort out of couches of which there were six, made out apt into a maze (it was small and one bedroom but he did it) and put black lights in all the lights. 502 more words