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Olympics (Video)

I’m not a fan of the Olympics but I am a fan of Homemade Olympics.. ~ Mynzah


Ja sam Rémi Gaillard.

Rémi Gaillard / šaljivdžija, humorist. Rođen 7. februar1975. (dob: 41) ; “Dejstvuje” 0d ’99.

Remi Gajar (fr.Rémi Gaillard) je francuski humorističar i komičar. 374 more words


What happened to pranks?

Back in 2015 Filthy Frank pointed out that most prank videos online today can only justify themselves by stating ‘It’s just a prank bro’. The video had confirmed my own suspicions about what pranking is today on social media, unimaginative click-baiting garbage. 506 more words

Odd Stuff

Powerful Video Shows Us What It’s REALLY Like For Abandoned Pets

From Little Things
By Barbara Diamond

Here, we meet a woman who finds a lost dog found and takes him to what looks like a kill shelter. 127 more words