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What happened to pranks?

Back in 2015 Filthy Frank pointed out that most prank videos online today can only justify themselves by stating ‘It’s just a prank bro’. The video had confirmed my own suspicions about what pranking is today on social media, unimaginative click-baiting garbage. 506 more words

Odd Stuff

Powerful Video Shows Us What It’s REALLY Like For Abandoned Pets

From Little Things
By Barbara Diamond

Here, we meet a woman who finds a lost dog found and takes him to what looks like a kill shelter. 127 more words


King of pranks, Remi Gaillard, poses as a blind man driving in new video

Remi Gaillard has been pulling off crazy pranks for years now.  This latest video shows him posing as a blind man that drives a car.  Surprisingly, he didn’t get pulled over. 12 more words


Soyez spontané!

‘C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui’

‘It is by doing anything that we become anyone’

– Rémi Gaillard

Be Yourself

Remi Gaillard on Marine Mammals

Dolphins and whales do not exist to entertain human beings.*

* As a source of sustenance (blubber, meat in times of plenty when the oceans and seas were brimming with animals), historical contexts are to be considered — X is how Y people survived once upon a time.   134 more words


Real Life Tetris Prank

Rémi Gaillard knows that everyday could be significantly improved with 80s based video game tom-foolery. No, wait, I meant hindered. Significantly hindered.

Live Action

This Is What Happens When Tetris Is Played In The Real World

So, what happens if Tetris gets zapped from the video game and is played in the real world?  Roads are blocked, speed cameras are covered up, elevators are blocked, and it just makes people angry.   45 more words