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#1 Dear myself...

Kamu adalah pengingatku.

Bahwa semakin besar nikmat yang Allah berikan kepadamu, seharusnya berbanding lurus dengan semakin taatnya kamu kepada Allah. Jika tidak, kamu kufur nikmat. Naudzubillah.. 105 more words


Do You Know?

1. Any food you consume after 8 P.M. everyday is equally a poison to your body?

2. If you can follow the water therapy for 3 months religiously, your skin, your body and your organs begins to function well? 306 more words


When God Cyah Come, He Does Send

Aight so Boom!

Check this out.

Sometimes we feel so far removed from God because we can’t literally see Him, you know. We have an idea in our heads of who He because of His Word, and we believe what the Bible says, but sometimes, you wish you could just see His face and have a chat. 498 more words


Movie of the Week Recommendation: From Friend to Fiance

On May 25, the Hallmark Channel movie From Friend to Fiance will debut at 9 PM.

When Ted (Ryan Paevey) gets engaged to the high school mean girl and asks Jess ( 31 more words



“You can’t see the picture while you are in the frame”


TV Recommendations: Tuesday, May 21

Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions: 126 more words


A Learning Process

“It’s a learning process–not a battle between the bad you and the good you. … Every lapse doesn’t spell doom. … It’s a reminder that you’re an unfinished human being and a clue to how to do it better next time.”

Carol S. Dweck, Mindset