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1. You deserve happiness. All of it.
2. All things are not your fault. Sometimes things don’t work out, some things aren’t meant to be, you’re allowed to make mistakes. 369 more words


[Unity Reminder] Collider

void OnCollisionEnter (Collision collision)
void OnCollisionStay (Collision collision)
void OnCollisionExit (Collision collision)

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)
void OnTriggerStay(Collider other)
void OnTriggerExit(Collider other)

void OnCollisionEnter2D (Collision2D coll) 30 more words


Open Evening 27 February

Hi Everyone,

Reminder that this Monday will be an Open Evening. We are publicising this in the media and hope interested prospective members will come along to meet club members. 86 more words



Sometimes, progress = not getting what you wanted, but, just getting a little closer to it.


TV Recommendations: Thursday, February 23

Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions: 131 more words


A letter to myself

Hello love,

I know how you feel right now.

I see you in the mirror and I know you don’t see the woman that I see, standing before me. 525 more words