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No Rainbows this Friday

Just a quick note to say there is no Rainbow meeting tomorrow evening (Friday 28th October).

Many thanks,

2nd Shevington Rainbows.


"there ain't nothing you can say but that's love.."

It’s really fucking funny how life works sometimes (by funny I mean, confusing as all hell but also very foreshadow-y.)

It’s 3:00 in the morning and I’m wide awake despite the fact that my dumbass has to be up in 4 hours. 398 more words


Simple as that.

God’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said that Allah (God) said:

“He who comes with a good deed, it’s reward will be ten like that or even more. 120 more words


Reminders #12

See what I mean ! God always promptly replies… Just remember to put Him first and everything rearranges and falls into place.. Trust in the Lord always…

#blue walls #hopeful

KPS Announcement Pasta & Milk Orders Due

Title:Pasta & Milk Orders Due

Staff:Lindsay Tetzlaff

Date of Announcement:

Announcement:Pasta Orders and Milk Orders are due to the office. Teachers please send them down following the announcements. 29 more words

It's almost the end of October...

This is your regular reminder to submit to the Down Under Feminists Carnival.

The next edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival is planned for 5 November, 2016 and will be hosted by Steph and Liz at  64 more words