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Useful Reminders

Dairy Diary is full of useful reminders

Of course, we begin with the notes pocket in which we can secrete all those need-to-know bits and bobs. 213 more words


Music Moves.

It amazes me how impactful music is in my own life.

It can set my mood, it can carry me through a day, it can grab my emotions, it can pump me up, and it can calm me down. 340 more words


Innovation in Ibaadah - A win or an eternal loss?

It is necessary to restrict any act that is done seeking reward and pleasure of Allah, to the Quran, the sunnah and the actions of sahabah (those who witnessed the revelation and the completion of deen upon the prophetﷺ, what was deen at their time is the deen in the sight of Allah, brought to us by the Prophetﷺ) 424 more words


Being Kind to oneself

I am one who spent nights thinking about the words others said;

I was one who was frustrated, feeling no matter what I did,

I could never be the other person- the pretty one, the smart one, the popular one. 129 more words


Year 2 Reminder: T2P Today!

Hello Year 2 Teacher Candidates,

The first T2P event of 2020-21 is scheduled for this afternoon!

Federation Day
1:30 to 2:30 pm

full event details… 156 more words