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9 Real Talk Reminders Every College Grad Needs To Hear Right Now

1. Enjoy this time. Those last few weeks before you graduate are some of the best. You might still have exams and final projects, but don’t let the time slip away from you. 761 more words

Menu for May 1, 2016!

Only 3 weeks left of Power Up!

It’s another prize day so leave a comment on “Weird but True Saturday”!

May 1 Menu

Powerade or Water… 13 more words


pussyfoot's brother Denial

So I see him as the villain in this piece

An unclaimed part of me

A face I chose to pin in front of my own… 111 more words


A Turn of the Wheel

It’s been a very tough week. What’s funny is that last week was so great. I was wildly happy. Some very good and very surprising things happened and I was high off that happy for days and days. 107 more words


6 Reminders For The Girl Who He Does Not Deserve

First, look back at what you’ve left behind. Be sure you aren’t throwing away a diamond because you wanted to pick up a stone. The world is tricky in a way that it makes you think that presence puts more value to a relationship. 499 more words

Weird but True Saturday: April 30

It’s time for another edition of  “Weird but True Saturday”! Leave a comment to get a prize and Enjoy!

  • The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.
  • 33 more words

KPS Announcement Band

Title :: Band

Staff Name :: Rebecca Quick

Date of Announcement :: 2016-04-29

Announcement :: Bandmembers are to make their way to the music room at 9:40 to set up for the performance. 16 more words