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seven lessons to take with me for life

Life is full of moments. This moment will never come again. This moment with these exact people doing this exact item. Sure, you can come together in 5 years to do it again, but it will never be the same. 279 more words


Evening Prayer - 01 September 2015

Sometimes, Lord, words escape

Sometimes, Lord, hearts are full

Thank you, Lord, for the wonders of this day

Thank you, Lord, for reminders of your love… 28 more words


timers and reminders.

My life is timers and reminders.

Look at my phone and you will see them all turned on — all on their specific days with specific times. 528 more words

No More Paper Cuts

I must confess I find it hard to let go of the paper. Paper is real. You can see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, staple it, crumple it, and cut it into fancy shapes. 827 more words

Stuff 'n' Things

Just breathe

Finally my final term assignments are over! It’s been a long and hard week as there were so many drawings to be done and my eyes were so tired and sore from the intense amount of staring at the computer screen. 281 more words

K15 Đã Nộp Hồ Sơ Chưa ??

Vậy là các bạn tân sinh viên đã trải qua hai ngày làm thủ tục nhập học rồi, H2BH rất vui vì có thể hỗ trợ các bạn trong những ngày nộp hồ sơ vừa qua. 225 more words


Life and Plants

These are my two “greeniful” plants. It reminds me of how to take good care not just only for myself but also to others.