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Better Poetry

It’s drizzling and cool outside
as I sit on my bed
with the windows wide open
water trailing down the panes

The air smells clean… 32 more words


No Insults

A nomad said to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ ‘
Advise me.’ And he ﷺ said, ‘If a man defamed you with what he knows about you, do not defame 23 more words


Good deeds

Every good deed which is not done with the intention of seeking nearness to Allah,

14 more words


If any one of you wishes that he should never ask Allah, the Glorified, for anything but that He grants it to him, then he should lose hope in people and should not have hope in anyone other than Allah, the Glorified.


Reminder #13

Today was a good day. You helped a friend, you wrote a really meaningful blog post, and you didn’t beat yourself up too much. You did good, kid.



Date: Wednesday, April 26 2017

Today didn’t go according to plan.

I was so excited! Today, M was going to take me to that spot in Antalya. 498 more words