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Sometimes a cloud won't always bring a storm.

Oftentimes we hear about hardships in our lives as “storms” or “trials.” When we think of a storm, the first thing that should come to mind are storm clouds and dark overcasts; everyone has them and everyone deals with them differently. 463 more words


Notes To Self Part Two

Reminders Part II

Forgetting and moving on is the best revenge.

If you try something and you hate how it turns out, keep on doing it.

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Notes To Self

Performing Hajj is obligatory

BismilLah*. Hajj (the Pilgrimage to Makkah) is the fifth pillar of Islam. The Prophet (sallallahu’ alayhi wa sallam meaning: may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Islam has been built upon five pillars: declaring that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; the establishment of salaah (five compulsory daily prayers; the payment of zakaah (obligatory charity); the Hajj (pilgrimage to the House of Allah, if one is able); and sawm of Ramadan (fasting in the month of Ramadan).” (Bukhari 1/ 7). 130 more words


So much power in the act of writing, or so I choose to place my faith in. I have written letters for people with no faces and no names, crafting pieces for an unknown recipient. 90 more words


Choose Your Battles

Choose your battles. You needn’t fight all those that come your way. Some are far more useful to you and your purpose than are others. 26 more words

Mickey Kumra

Stepping on toes...

When offering to help, or simply choosing to share an affectionate moment with others, leads to getting in the way EG..

Being too pushy and eager to fit in, to be accepted or included, is perceived as taking something away from someone else – bringing matters to a head REMINDER… try keeping a level head instead of reacting… 237 more words