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80 years of Remington featuring Lucy Smith

This campaign is the perfect way to celebrate 80 years of Remington. These bold looks and big hair are making us want to go back to the Eighties. 12 more words


I did a baaaad thing...

I went to Goodwill.  I probably should mention that Sandra Dee is the Queen of Goodwill.  Well, really the Queen of Thrift Shopping.  She always manages to find the coolest stuff at  thrift stores.   728 more words


Tools of the Trade (Rifle, Scope, Muzzle Brake)

I will be equipped with Remington’s 700 XCR II (Xtreme Conditions Rifle) model for this hunt. According to their website, this model was released in 2010, and considered to be Remington’s most resilient centerfire rifle at the time. 442 more words

Ammunition Accuracy Requirements 101

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd

I load and shoot ammunition for a living. In my duties here at Sierra I constantly test bullet accuracy for our production needs. 745 more words

Sid Richardson Museum - Fort Worth, Texas

Not big in size, but enormous in talent and rich in acquisitions is the Sid Richardson Museum in Downtown, Fort Worth.

Who is Sid Richardson, you ask? 432 more words

Icky No More

Grime and gunk and rust–be gone!
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