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Model 6 Progress

Progression on refinishing a Remington Model 6 from the early 1920’s. This is one of my favorite projects–it was found inside a wall during renovation. … 6 more words


New! Remington

Suzanne is an ace because she hit a hole in one… no, two Remington chairs. S Interior Design tee’s up a great one.


Remington Mb1000 Complete Beard and Mustache Trimmer with Bonus Nose Ear Trimmer

Always look your sharpest with Remingtons new professional beard and goatee groomer. Trim, style, shape, and detail. The T blade is an extra wide blade and is perfect for creating straight lines and edges. 95 more words

Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer, Black

This groomer uses Titanium coated blades with revolutionary trimming technology so it cuts clean with less pulling. It is rechargeable with an LED charging indicator. It also has an easy to use zoom wheel that adjusts to create 9 length settings and Lube for life blades that never need oiling.
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Retro Antique Vintage Rusty Typewriter

The ravages of years left an authentic attic finish, a rustic patina on my grand old typewriter. It’s a heavy beast, a standard Remington No 12 circa 1920s, making it nearly 100 years old.  1,905 more words


The Baltimore Whiskey Company

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Max and Eli over at The Baltimore Whiskey Company on Sisson Street in Remington.  These guys are distilling craft spirits and bringing the Rye Whiskey back to the city.   411 more words

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