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Another bookend? But why?


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It’s a funny thing I’ve noticed about myself over the years. Often, when I come up with a concept that I feel strong about, I have to sculpt the subject two or three times to exhaust my mind “off of it”. 167 more words

Scott Rogers

Start a Curl Revolution

Make a stand for stress free curls with the Remington Curl Revolution.

The days of wrapping hair awkwardly around the barrel are a thing of the past – this smart styler not only turns for you, curling hair to perfection, but it also rotates in different directions to create both curl orientations.   94 more words


"Rescue" gets a new patina

“Rescue” gets a new patina.

At the foundry with my patina man, Kike. Going for the European old school look.

Scott Rogers

I See Red

This week’s assignment was to find something RED.

I thought about this—and wanted to do something that wasn’t exactly expected–Red apples, my box of red fabric, and then there was “I see Red” as an expression, or how about closed books or newspapers. 173 more words


L-am întâlnit pe Kurt Cobain
Stătea pe-o bancă-n Cișmigiu
Scria se pare un poem
Cum despre ce? Nu mă-ntreba, nu știu.

Lângă picior, în stânga rezemat… 20 more words

Furia Penelului

All Eyes On You, Remington. I've Got High, High Hopes.

Well, Big Green, I’ve got to hand it to you. You’ve got a phenomenal marketing department. Hell, after just watching these two videos I’m pretty convinced I’m going to be sending some money your way in the next few months. 380 more words


"Base Ball" in the mold room!

“Base Ball” is finally in the ‘mold room’ at the foundry. T’will be August 2015 when the first castings come out.

18 1/2″ high c 32″ wide x 11″ deep

Edition of #50

Scott Rogers