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In the 1929 novel “Maltese Falcon,” Dashiell Hammett writes the line:

“Another thing,” Spade repeated, glaring at the boy: “Keep that gunsel away from me while you’re making up your mind.

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Upgrading a 35 Remington

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin

Today, I’d like to talk about a 35 Remington cartridge and the possibilities of upgrading the performance level it can produce. 704 more words


Wednesday Wisdom: Ernest Hemingway

Celebrated my birthday this last weekend…

He pulled out the box from a hiding place behind the sofa,

and my heart skipped a beat–I’ve seen old typewriter boxes before. 80 more words


Remington Quiet-Riter Eleven

Remington Quiet-Riter Eleven

When you first look at the Quiet-Riter Eleven, you’re likely to think of post-WWII American design—its bulbous curves have more in common with a Hudson or a Buick than the sleek jobs coming out of Europe at the time. 203 more words


Remington Unveils New Products

One thing you can always count on is Remington — along with its sister companies — introducing enough new stuff each year to provide plenty of grist for people like me. 1,298 more words

Guns & Hunting

Duck Treble

Last year I bought myself a small kayak for duck and goose hunting, my goal was to have a boat that would allow me to travel light and go places where even canoes have a hard time. 507 more words

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