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The Goodbye.

The always otherwise creaking bench in the park this time was gravely silent, more was the woman in the black, sitting alone and expressionless. Her stares buried to the ground, her feet rested deep under the bench. 506 more words


Ranchi Chronicles: A Year (Part 2)

The change of seasons here marvel me and I can leisurely watch each day and each night with the amusement and ecstasy of an artist capturing each nuance, each detail, lest the walls of the museum of memories remain stark naked. 735 more words

Newark to Paris

🛫 The Great France Art Tour of 2017


We departed Newark airport on a regular and frequently used Delta flight, leaving in the late afternoon. 1,370 more words


a view of the sea

There’s a three-quarter length, black and white portrait of Madeleine on the shelf behind her: a young woman in her early twenties, I’d guess, in a French beret and raincoat, sitting in the driving seat of an open-topped sports car. 1,062 more words


quite the place

we ran a place in Portugal
my husband won it in a card game
took some work, I can assure you
but we stuck at it, until it was quite the place… 128 more words


The solitary entrant!

Behold her, single in the bed

Solitary put with style and class

Smiling and singing by herself;

Stop here mind. You better not pass!

Her beauty alone grinds my brain, 197 more words

Jacksonville boy

A Steve

Je traverse le champ. Le matin est beau. C’est à la mer que nous devons ce vent fantasque, cette lumière blanche et liquide, presque scintillante, et ces nuages qui caressent en hâte la flèche de la cathédrale. 1,168 more words

Slices Of Life