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Unattainable Closure

How many years has it been?
Five? Six?
Why is it that I still lament the time I let you walk out of my life without even letting you know just how I feel about you? 523 more words


The Meeting

The first time I saw him was at the picnic. What the picnic was for, I really can’t recall any longer. Or can I? His niece’s birthday – my best friend’s daughter. 413 more words


The shutter speed moments
When I tried capturing time
Amount to nothing


A Story to Tell: A new approach to museum object-based reminiscence at Cliffe Castle Museum

This home made cape prompted a great discussion on making things – and the importance of zips.

A close inspection of these gauntlets shows the signs of their use and loving repair. 256 more words

The Mirror

Within that mirror in the middle of my room,
There’s a timid girl hiding beyond,
Her straight, long, black hair with delicate touches of golden color, falling gracefully over her shoulders, 370 more words


"Time in a Bottle"

“If I could save time in a bottle

The first thing that I’d like to do

Is to save every day till eternity passes away…

2,466 more words

There Goes My Heart

I asked him if he still wanted to go on his weekend church retreat or if he changed his mind. My big little twelve-year-old boy responded with, “Of course! 859 more words

Grief And Loss