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Ocean Waves

My emotion roils like the waves of the ocean, rising and ebbing, lashing out on the shore and foaming at the mouth. There are days when all is calm, when the expanse of the water is blue-green and at those times, I am tempted to believe that I am over you. 454 more words


Songs of Softest Memories 

i sing the songs of softest

memories … 

the songs of time gone by …  

the words to stories known so well that 

float behind my eyes … 43 more words



Slow by Chris Green

I am sitting in my comfy high backed chair with a nice milky cup of tea and a plate of Waitrose custard creams. 2,234 more words

Short Story


I filled an earthen flowerpot with the finest sand.
Then, the wilted rose bestowed too long ago,
I planted in the middle, and with a gentle stab… 74 more words


broken dreamer

a toll in my heart

as I stroll alone.

by the sea of time

memories flow.

upon dull sand

fragments of lost love lie.

years of unspoken letters… 71 more words

Vivid Pieces

R is for... Reminiscence

Gilderoy Lockhart is a wizard whose special skill is memory charms, namely removing the memories of others so that he can take the glory of their adventures for himself. 189 more words



And I find pieces of my old self still living in people from my past.

Yours truly,

An Addict