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The humid air, intolerable, pinpricked with dust, gave way to a cooler breeze as the shared cab ascended through the winding roads, much broader now, towards Shillong, towards home. 1,056 more words

Dave Pearce heads Reminiscence to Hull

With the clubbing scene in being poor for years, David Pearce heads Reminiscence to Hull, bringing back the golden days of clubbing. 530 more words

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சுமை விழுதுகளை

சுக ஊஞ்சல்களாக்கிய

இமைப் பொழுதுகள்



As the page turns it glows gold,
Gilded in its going with a glitter
That outshines pale sunlit day.
I scramble up the white sheet… 58 more words

my skin

it is easy for others to undermine me to something small

but i possess the strength and ability to conquer it all.

sometimes, others forget that i am an ocean within, 149 more words



To begin with, I love you all a lot! Each and every one of you holds a special place in my life. I have had amazing time with you. 796 more words

lies of love

soft words and softer touches

warm hugs and warmer kisses

sweet talk and sweeter sex

great love but greater mess.

loud laughs but louder cries… 43 more words