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Take your time

I was once asked  why I like to watch so many teenage television programs and I never really had an answer.  Its been rattling around in my head in search for an answer for some time now and the short answer is I was always in a hurry to grow up. 558 more words

My heart

Chubby little hands, wet with slobber, getting caught in my hair

Up half the night rocking you with a prayer until the fever subsided

Chasing remnants of applesauce around your tiny lips with a tiny spoon… 217 more words

Family And Home

If I Could Write A Letter To Me

Hello on this beautiful day!

Since I’ve been thinking about social media lately, I’ve been reminiscing to my first experiences with it. Yeah… embarrassing. So I figured I’d write a letter to myself, giving some advice on social media etiquette. 365 more words


Home alone, with the silence not making me feel uncomfortable, I remember the time that was nothing near silence. I remember our last day like it was 12 hours ago back in U Block kitchen where I believe it all really began (not Lindsay Bar where we dominated in trivia and tore apart one too many fruity shots). 394 more words

Study Abroad

Gen. Manager of WSIA to Direct CU’s WKCR

Masciantonio Reminisces on Nine Years at CSI

By Briana DelBuono

General manager Phil Masciantonio of the College of Staten Island’s radio station, WSIA, departs after nine years of service. 1,029 more words


I (don't) get along without you very well

The soft trumpet brings sunlight through the window
even when clouds are sprawled across the sky,
and it touches my skin with warm fingers
even when my body shivers in the cold. 47 more words

Samina's Chance: Chapter 31

Even as the other messages played on, Samina stared out the window, reeling over the word. Love. It sent warm thrills down her spine just replaying his voice form the word. 1,264 more words