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I’ve taken you up in my soul
And you’re not quite yet leaving
Just like time stood still
When your smile was getting etched into my heart… 54 more words

wish you were here

Every now and then I see a picture posted on facebook with the words, “I wish I could climb up to heaven to give you a hug and tell you I love you and miss you.” Others are more concise and say something like, “Mum, sending you a hug in heaven. 755 more words

Stories Of Mum

The End Of The Cold War?

I got myself in a whirlwind of socialising and meeting new people to take my mind off “N” while trying to get over him. I’m the type of person who hides behind smiles and laughter when I’m sad. 939 more words


A Beginning

Starting here is jumping in midstream. More of the story happened over here, but I like this platform a bit better so here we are. 246 more words


I Give Up...

As a child the whole topic of conversation at this time of the year would be about Lent and what we were prepared to sacrifice. It was generally things like giving up sweets or suffering sugarless tea or stopping the biting of the finger nails – we didn’t have much, so there wasn’t much to ‘give up’. 480 more words

Ice Cold

I pulled my jacket closer to my body as if it could harness more heat to repel the scalding wind that’s been prickling my skin. The sky was a dreary bluish gray in contrast to my awkward orange boots, mulching in the puddles as I walked in this rainy February morning. 336 more words

Unrequited Love

One Step At a Time

Going back to the time when it all made sense to me,

Back to the days I still believed it’s you and me for eternity. 148 more words