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It is currently thunder storming outside, and its bringing back memories. Memories of being a child and always running out into the middle of the culdesac whenever I would hear thunder and just look up to watch the lightning. 376 more words


Soon gone

Too soon gone
Gone before your touches
Were felt.
They were latent impacts;
Yet they have gradually hit these pithy notes… they are here forever. 7 more words



night lamps
swim in lateral
one and one
hem the liquid
substance of

as they go
in their stop
and go function… 38 more words


pebbles in time

he watched the circles in his mind
ripples in yesterday’s water
where stones once were tossed

pebbles really,
yet enough to form concentric wrinkles
soothing over rough edges and drowning clowns… 56 more words


Remembering how much I love James Bond

Remember when you were a kid and there was always that one program that made you want to BE the character?…. Well James Bond was it. 15 more words

My Blog


I sat down in the exact spot where I’d sat six years earlier,  and I looked around while I waited for my former director and mentor to get back from lunch so we could catch up.   600 more words

I'm having the feels at a job where I would not normally have the feels

I work at a float center; people come in, float, chat, and leave. There’s rarely been a situation in which my heart strings have been pulled. 539 more words