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(Bitter)sweet memories

I often find myself missing things I once took for granted.

Studying with your best friends around the dining room table. Going to Qdoba to get some chips and queso. 152 more words

The hardest...

..thing you can do is to think about “dating.” sadly, I believe dating has gone by the wayside in this day and age of social networking. 191 more words


My Niece Louise (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom - Chapter 11)

I’ve mentioned to you before that my sister and niece are going with the kids and I to the One Direction concert. Since I’ve told you about my concert experiences with my cool sister, let me tell you about my cool niece. 357 more words



A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part… 162 more words

Life Moments


When I was little, I loved planes. Absolutely adored them. I come from a reasonably well off family, so I traveled a lot when I was younger, and my parents always knew how to make flying simply brilliant. 699 more words



“Reunited and it feels so good”…those are the only words I like in the song of the same title.

Yesterday I was reunited with the me I used to be. 173 more words

Surprise Meeting.

Cali State Fair 2015. 07-25-2015; 19:30.

I still cannot believe it. Of all places … And after so many years… I see you again at the state fair and with your current girlfriend.

All these mixed feelings.