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Eat A Peach ~ The Allman Brothers Band

I am sitting here listening to “Mountain Jam” by The Allman Brothers Band. I was a year old when this album, “Eat A Peach” was released. 307 more words


Determination in Reverse

Heroic individuals surmount insuperable odds to achieve greatness. They persevere single-mindedly against financial and social pressures to achieve their dreams. But this narrative is about a person who did exactly the opposite. 644 more words


Online Life

Today I clicked on a link to a crunchyroll article about upcoming anime titles this season. Upon opening the site, I realized that it has changed so much from what I remembered it to be and decided to try logging in with my account. 301 more words

Little Things


A few old as well as new color guard members sit together to watch an old field season show as we enjoy lunch during a rehearsal for the new show.

I Sat At The Edge Of The Ocean And Realized I Wouldn't Go Back Even If I Could

I sat by the ocean yesterday and thoughts filled my heart with memories of my old life. The laughs I used to share, the jokes I used to tell and the places I used to wander off to. 689 more words

The Tale of the Red Dress and the Broken Glass

Recently, on Facebook one of those “get-to-know-you” lists was circulating. It had about 50 life events that you were just suppose to answer “yes” or “no” to, (been scuba diving, watched a baby being born, visited all 50 states, etc). 1,009 more words
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