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Throwback: 10 Toys of a '90s Baby in the 2000s

Growing up in the 2000s was interesting, but sometimes I wish I could go back. To go back to the days when all we had to worry about is whether or not we fed our NintenDog would be amazing. 50 more words


Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Magical Properties of the Humble Park Bench

Park benches are not widely seen here on Mars, though reminiscing certainly is. We all wonder about our next trip off-world, as it were. And then we realise how lucky we are to be here away from the maddening crowds of pollies, and bullies, and liars and baying hounds (that last one is for the feline among us). 31 more words


Memories of Our Favorite Campground

As my wife Eileen tells it. She has been coming to Fishermen’s Memorial State Park since her childhood. Chivalry prevents me from saying how long ago that is. 903 more words


I shamelessly just sat through the entire show on my iPad… brings back so many memories.

Casual Predation

This essay was originally published on LadyBits on Medium. While I unfortunately can’t say that the conclusion of this essay is true for me anymore, I thought it timely to revisit this piece in light of the recent mass-exposure of the predators among us in the media industry, brought forth by so may brave women. 1,568 more words



Does anyone remember the greatness that was Lelola.net?  I sure do.  For everyone who doesn’t get it: https://fanlore.org/wiki/LELOLA.net

Memories through Naruto Opening Themes

Spoilers ahead (obviously)

R★O★C★K★S (First Opening)

  • My dad bought me a DVD set for the first season of Naruto.
  • Naruto’s epic fight with Haku
  • That funny sound he made when he handed over a kunai to Zabuza while crying.
  • 2,032 more words