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Summer holidays

Summer is here. And so are the watermelons, mangoes, ads for prickly heat powders and soft drinks. As I lay in bed reading an e-book on my kindle, the warm afternoon light stroking the edges of my bed and the curtains dancing to the tunes of a high-speed fan, I find myself reminiscing about summers 15 years ago. 530 more words

Life Musings

don't date in high school

when you fall for the first time, they say it’s like a thousand roses blooming in your chest at once, but really it’s just the unsteady patter of your heart as he taps out a short response through messenger after over three hours of you sitting on your ass and waiting. 1,473 more words



Most people confuse love to be everlasting and I don’t blame them but I believe in real sense it’s only eternal. Yeah you sit around long enough love finds you, you enjoy it as it is your human nature and if it sticks around long enough you would wish  to keep it. 1,239 more words


So Long

So long old friends who never felt the same
So long old loves with nothing more to gain

So long to all the patches I used to cover up the shame… 131 more words

It Was You (pt. 4)

Alone here in the café. Watching lovers flirting, teens giggling about some hot guys, citizens reading a newspaper, etc…

I’m sipping a coffee. It’s been a week since I always go out with myself alone. 283 more words


Anne ♥ March 2, 1958-July 20, 2001

Life can change in a split second. The path in front of you just stops.

That’s what happened on a Wednesday in July 2001. Just an ordinary day. 623 more words

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