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Things your Travel Agent don’t want you to know

For any Industry or business, each has its own trade tricks and secrets. The travel industry is no exception, and for a business which strives on commission and cut throat competition, you can bet there are lot of trade secrets. 489 more words


Global Remittances Patterns, Rural Access and Diasporic Networks

We have just celebrated The International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR), a day that recognises the significance of the financial contribution migrant workers make in supporting the wellbeing of their relatives back home as well as the sustaining developmental projects in their home countries. 920 more words


Sending money home to Africa is cheaper than it was, but still higher than anywhere else

It is cheaper to send $200 to Africa today than it was in 2011.

With a 22% decrease, compared to other regions, since 2011, Africa has seen the largest reduction in cost of remittance transactions,  a… 383 more words

Costly cash transfers are the preferred method of sending money to Africa

When it comes to sending remittances to Africa, cold, hard cash is king.

At least that’s the case with immigrant families sending money from the United Kingdom, one of the… 454 more words

Android Pay now used for international P2P transfers, courtesy of WorldRemit

AndroidPay, Google’s wallet for Android devices, is getting a boost in its global profile and functionality today: WorldRemit, the $500 million remittance startup connected to around 120 million mobile money accounts globally, which lets residents in one country transfer money to family and friends in another, has announced that it will now let people make transfers using Google’s mobile wallet. 930 more words


$3m Financial Inclusion Technology for banks in multiple markets

Developed by a team of global experts this UK based platform has been prepared to provide banks with a low-cost banking system that offers a high degree of inter-operability. 33 more words



Africa has had many actors (national governments, World Bank Group, IMF and combinations of the aforementioned and others) who have tried to solve Africa’s challenges. Since the 1950s independence movement, there has been no success stories resulting from these multitudes of prescriptions. 3,023 more words