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REMIX | "Save The Children" @Sosa412_

Sosa412 is tired of working a 9 to 5 and wants to get out of that life. The Pittsburgh native wants to save the kids from a life of crime, murder, and more on his version of Joey Badass’ original. 16 more words


Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Play is hard to maintain as you get older. You get less playful. You shouldn’t, of course.

-Richard Feynman

As a historian of educational media, pedagogy suffuses my work. 435 more words


Sample Syllabus: Rich Remix

Rich Remix

The Language of Video Appropriation

Its Politics, Poesis, and Best Practice


A USC Mellon Digital Humanities Summer Tutorial

With Instructor Amber Rae Bowyer… 614 more words


Topics in Digital Pedagogy: Enhancing and Advancing Remix Pedagogy

Video remix assignments present undergraduate and graduate educators with the alluring promise of achieving several goals at once in the service of digital media literacy. These units put novel and complex software tools into student hands, and introduce them to an experimental and rapidly evolving form of writing with multimedia. 1,658 more words


Is anything really original?

Is anything really original? This seemed to be the question that was continually returned to in last weeks BCM112 tutorial absolutely confusing the minds of everyone in the room. 282 more words


Happy TunesDay: Collection 23

Even though it’s only May, it already feels like summer here.  And with summer, comes newly graduated university kids, fresh-faced and ready to take on the real world.   195 more words


In Defense of Remix Culture

Excuse the pithy title.

The video doesn’t relate to VJing directly but it talks about how all creative work is built on the foundation of other creative work, and that the line between what is new and what has already been made can be blurred somewhat when people take existing works of art and rethink or remix them into new things. 290 more words