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24 to 70

I wrote this for a writing competition. I didn’t win. Storing it here for safekeeping. 

Happy Birthday to Me. From Me.

Dear Duy,

If you are reading this, it means today is your 70th birthday. 1,140 more words



More junk on the blog, following on from yesterday’s post, entitled “Remnants” in which I speculated as to the origins of rubbish left around my town. 61 more words


(g) OctaTimbre / Who is Looking? (10.30)

Who is Looking?
(OctaTimbre 8 syllables by 10 lines)

Another day after a storm
Remnants of green their prayer flags
That have turned yellow and brown, wave… 153 more words



By Charles Robert Lindholm




               TRYING TO HOLD ON                                                          

               BUT THE WINDS OF REALITY                                                     


               TOO HARD                                                         

               TOO STRONG                                                    

               THE TENSIONS ARE                                                 

               TOO GREAT                                                        … 62 more words

Monthly Feature: The Possibilities

Snippet of something I’m working on…

It’s funny how remnants of your past can creep back in your life in new forms. It’s almost as if you can see it coming a mile away, yet you still open the door.

80 more words


Even though I can’t see anyone but you.. When we’re so close, why am I feel that our hearts is so far away instead?

*** 3,879 more words

Cerita Pendek

A Kind of Black Magic

Unexplainable mystery
We’re unable to comprehend
How could we attempt to guess
The real Infinite’s intent?

A never-ending journey
We are about to entrain
Submerging even deeper… 146 more words

Nathalie Markoch