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Remnants of the Past

Buddy and I were part of the Braves baseball team, circa 1970 or so. We were kids about 12 and 14 years old. One of my dearest aunts, who was by marriage but closer than blood in many ways bought our baseball uniforms each summer. 762 more words

Nostalgia And Memories


Intriguing Art Idea #3214: What on earth do you do when there are still splodges and smears of beautiful paint left on your palette? Too precious to go to waste. 100 more words


HAIKU #100

heaped pebble castles

remnants of children at play

guarding seashell hoards

© Matthew Saunders


Making a Door Header Manageable

A header is a short strip of wallpaper that is placed over a door or window. These can usually be cut from remnants of paper left after the full-length strips have been cut. 274 more words

Making a Knitting Bucket

Sewing for knitting

This is my first time trying to write sewing instructions for something. Let me know what you think and how helpful they were. 405 more words


Tempus fugit, or fruit flies like a banana

The moment I saw the logs, I knew I fucked up.

“Shit,” I uttered to myself.

I found myself 15 meters up in the air, in the middle of a trees adventure park. 1,502 more words