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Poem: Religious Wake

Echoing over nothing, it spreads like wildfire

disease of hearts and minds, rendering impotent

just opinions, silence is a symptom of malaise

as well as its effect, the still mold settles… 15 more words

Andrew Halter

Too Much Fabric Equals Bunting

It would seem that I habitually buy too much fabric for any project, it’s all well and good saying it’s better than running out but I often end up with enough to do another small project on the side. 79 more words


All that remains.

The touch from your hand,
The feel of your breath,
The scent on your skin,
The tears that you left.


No Books of Men: World Buillding - Supernaturals, Part VIII

While Urban Fantasy, as a genre, has a different focus than the broader Fantasy genre there is still a tendency for some to question the status of the “other” races/species. 304 more words

No Books Of Men

Rainbow of Prodigality

My words
like fallen petals
of a summer garden
litter the tableau of my life
words unspoken out
of sheer neglect
of your love

The remnants… 64 more words


Red and teal for the win

Scrap busting, squeezing every last possible garment out of the remnants, I find it so satisfying, especially when the results look as good as this.  I think red and petrol/teal may be my new favourite colour scheme. 130 more words