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Creating in the Void

Have you ever moved?

If so, then you know that feeling when 99.99% of the stuff is packed and moved, but then thereĀ are the odds and ends of a bizarre collection of things you have absolutely no idea what to do with…some of it you may not even have a clue as to what it is or how you got it. 467 more words

Moon Circles

new slate - January 2, 2017

Well, 2017 started with a short clean out of an old cooler bag. Remnants of things from the past, and things from the past just hanging around taking up space. 151 more words


This was a new activity.

I was looking for something different from what I was doing and I came across a ‘Patchwork’ book on my book shelves.

It seemed to satisfy my inclination to make something that would pass my time creatively. 41 more words



“I’m putting this basket of fabric and yarn scraps in the donate pile grandma.”

Veronica looked up and shook her head from side to side and managed a “No.” 452 more words

Flash Fiction

Phantoms / Remnants

A glance in whispering smoke / They begin to drown

Talking in mellowing tomorrows / As your mirrors begin to swim

Streets shifting to tangle / Sulfur evacuates your lungs… 40 more words


A poem about stars —

When one looks up onto the stars
at night, one must wonder how much
pain, like from what the truest… 138 more words


Remnants by Billy Roper Book Review

Remnants by Billy Roper

The most prolific White Nationalist author, Billy Roper has done it again, with his politically incorrect dystopian novel, Remnants. Billy Roper has in recent years become the foremost White Nationalist fiction author for our movement. 606 more words

Billy Roper