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LeAnn Rimes Gives Us More Than "Remnants"

Whether country music stations play her new songs or not, LeAnn Rimes’ albums usually debut in the Top Ten on the Country Albums charts.

Her last Top Ten album on the Billboard 200, which includes all genres, was 2007’s “Family”. 214 more words

Track of the Day: "Long Live Love" by LeAnn Rimes

Released as the first single on LeAnn Rimes’ new, supposedly country-pop album, “Long Live Love” is anything but a country-pop song. Filled with synth, quick drum beats, warped guitar and powerful vocals, this song acts as a sort of anthem to the message Rimes accompanies with Remnants. 269 more words

"Mother" - LeAnn Rimes

Departing from the powerhouse declarations of love and sugary sweet sentiments that make up LeAnn Rimes’ latest album, Remnants, and her career in general, “Mother” showcases a never-before-seen (or at least, sung about) familial anguish. 282 more words

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Track of the Day: “How To Kiss A Boy” by LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is a country artist no more! For those hardcore fans of hers, I’m sorry to say that she’s moving onwards towards a more pop-like style – much like many country girls before her I might add. 288 more words

Love Line - LeAnn Rimes

You might think that love is an overdone and singular theme, and from the track titles alone it looks like LeAnn Rimes has just released an album full of repetition. 281 more words

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Track of the Day: "Outrageous Love" by LeAnn Rimes

This track delivers like the show stopping number from your favourite Disney musical. It starts on a flittering faerie dance of keys and strings that only tease at the drama to come. 265 more words

"Remnants" - LeAnn Rimes

Every break-up country album needs at least one or two upbeat songs that send a positive message to any potentially broken-hearted listeners, and for LeAnn Rimes, “Remnants”  (off of her album of the same title) is that song. 279 more words

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