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Installing a Staircase Carpet Runner

One of the parts of my house that needed a little face lift is my basement stairwell. When I bought my house, it had been painted with a flat white paint that was already scuffed and just looked too bland. 580 more words

Bathroom Beautiful

It’s done!


I have a lovely new bathroom and I’m so pleased. Is it perfect? No. Is it infinitely nicer than it was? Absolutely. 239 more words

Other Thoughts

The 90's Called........

Do you have a room in your home that hasn’t seen a style update since jelly sandals, Dr. Martens, and track suits were a thing? Or maybe your room has been rockin’ the same decor since Brittany Spears released her very first hit song and the Backstreet Boys debuted…..the first time around? 1,051 more words


The Renovation Review: Tips and Tricks for a Small Bathroom

Its most people’s dream to have a big, cozy, beautiful bathroom. I mean, let’s face it, we all spend a good amount of time in there. 398 more words

The A-Frame is Complete

This was an incredible project.  You can see some before pictures on my web site at http://www.r-a-design.com/modern-a-frame.  I think the results are stunning.  When I first visited this Rockridge house, I wasn’t sure what we would end up with.  814 more words

Trimming (not the tree)

Hey! We’ve been busy at the new house because, uh, our house is sold and we are closing on the sale on December 9th! AHHH! Time is flying and my subcontractors can’t work fast enough for me. 412 more words

The New House

Furniture Makeover: Bedroom Dresser Update

If you’re like me, you can be very sentimental over objects, especially if it’s an item that’s been passed down in your family. But how do you balance sentimentality and simplified living? 455 more words