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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Sheralyn Bennett

Making Your Garage Smarter and More Energy Efficient.

A few simple purchases can go a long way towards making your home safer, more connected and even energy efficient.

You wouldn’t think it, but the garage sees a lot of activity, and the garage door might be the culprit behind rising energy costs in your home. 159 more words


The "Coming Out" Anniversary Special: I'm just gay, you guys.

“Nothing makes me happier than getting to watch someone break their chains. And I’ve been able to do that, over the course of the past year, by watching YOU break yours, one link at a time. 5,134 more words

Home Maintenance Made Easy!

Sheralyn Bennett

Transform Your Closet!

Tiny changes can make a big impact!! Great video!

Sheralyn Bennett

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