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Take A Holistic Approach To Wellness By Means Of Shamanic Healing Techniques

The most typical complaint among medical patients is the lack of time doctors invest in talking, explaining, or empathizing with their clients. The lack of “bedside manner” has been linked with greater anxiety and longer recovery periods. 593 more words

A Miracle - or is this the new normal?

Lisbeth:   Donna, who has sent this testimony to us with her permission to share her story, was thrown out through the windshield of a car in 1977 when a drunken driver ran into the car she was in. 784 more words


"I could have been pushing daisies if it was not for Qisuk"

Lisbeth: I was in tears when I read the message below from one of my friends in a Skype room that I am part of. He is such a lovely man and so knowledgable and from his description it could be one of his last posts. 731 more words


Power to Heal

More than thirty years ago I joined a small group of women and men who, like me, had discovered through various kinds of unexpected experiences that they had innate psychic abilities and were seeking to hone these abilities into manageable skills that could be directed-at-will to completion of practical tasks. 586 more words

Applications Mavintory™

Remote healing for past or future events

Reiki universal energy could be send in time, because time is a concept stated only by human mind, it really doesn’t exist. In despite of that vision, we have to agree that the past is a time that we report as being history. 302 more words

Reiki Self Improvement