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How I Accidentally Cured My Cold With Healing!

This video explains HOW you Heal yourself when you Heal others and connects a few more Healing dots together

Remote Healing Session

Elise Perez

How Distance Healing Works

“How does distance healing work?”

This is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I’d write this blog to answer both that and the other questions that I am often asked relating to distance healing, also known as “remote healing”, since it forms a large part of my work. 596 more words

Energy Medicine

heal ourselfes

use your brain to heal / cure yourself and others around you.
Follow your instincts, overthink what you think you know, do this daily!
firstly, have a look… 118 more words


Remote Healing Class Now Available for Download!

Happy to announce that the Remote Healing Class with me, is now available for Download!  You guys have been asking to learn, so I created a way to make it simple for everyone! 340 more words

Elise Perez

The Key To Healing

Discussing the key to Healing! Whether it be self Healing or Healing facilitated by a Healer, this key is the determining factor to successfully releasing your blocks! 15 more words

Elise Perez

How Do I Know If I’m Blocked?

Every Twin Flame needs to know about this. This will explain A LOT of the struggles you are going through in separation, and in Union also.

66 more words
Elise Perez