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How will the IoT disrupt and improve healthcare?

The internet revolution is disrupting each sector, and healthcare is no exception. From prevention to recovery, eHealth represents a promising opportunity to improve each step of the value care chain. 66 more words

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Technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring for Older Adults

Remote patient monitoring refers to a wide variety of technologies designed to manage and monitor a range of health conditions. Point-of-care monitoring devices — such as weight scales, glucometers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, and blood pressure monitors — may individually collect and report health data. 122 more words

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Does the "Doc Fix" Bill Help Telemedicine and Telehealth?

By Sumita Saxena, Senior Consultant, The Verden Group

In a word, yes. According to an article recently published by a leading expert in healthcare law, the “Doc Fix” could just be the solution providers have been wanting.  970 more words

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Remote Home Health Care Technologies: How to Ensure Privacy?

Current advances in connectivity, sensor technology, computing power and the development of complex algorithms for processing health-related data are paving the way for the delivery of innovative long-term health care services in the future. 121 more words

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Your Shirt Just Ratted You Out

Thinking back at all the science fiction I’ve read over the years, real-time biomedical telemetry is rarely a major theme in the story line.  Dr. Leonard McCoy of Star Trek fame pioneered scanning tools with computer assisted diagnostic tech, all so he can report:     … 577 more words

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Patient monitoring devices - Journey

Patient care saw evolution from hospital care monitoring to remote place monitoring. The shift was complemented by sensors and wireless connectivity, with sensors going on subjects body. 252 more words

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IOT Markets

Following are the key markets of IOT:

1. Remote Patient Monitoring

2. Smart Grid

3. Auto Industry

4. Smart Cities