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The world's six most remote places

The world’s six most remote places
Sometimes you want to go away and shut yourself off from the world.
Travel to a place where you can be alone and where almost nobody lives.
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Uruguay: Paz e Tranquilidade no Cabo Polonio

Two years ago I was on the road in the Southern Brazil. This was when, by default, I decided to visit some parts of Uruguay and Argentina. 288 more words


Anything could be happening here and no-one would know

I’ve become fascinated with a particular kind of place. The kind of place no-one goes. It’s not far from town and it’s close enough to major roads to hear the distant rush of traffic…but it might as well be on the moon. 295 more words


Z is for the Zeya river

I’m trying to stay at least within the broad realm of paddling water on this the final day of the challenge. The Zeya River comes to the rescue in a nick of time as I was just about to resort to the Phrontistery for an unusual “Z” word. 65 more words

"The Cottage" , with the freedom and the space! , A poem By : JW Harvey

Over the years I have lived in Ireland, there are many places I have visited and stayed, many cottages in remote parts of the country.The one thing most have in common is that they are so remote that for most of the weeks stay it hard to get a mobile phone signal, even for just a simple call or text. 182 more words

Nigel Borrington

What to Prepare When Traveling to Indonesia's Remote Places

Planning and preparation are both essential home-works that travelers need to do before departing to their dream destinations. However, traveling can be full of pitfalls especially if the plan consists of trips to places away from the comfort of urban civilization. 713 more words


A Mission: Parte Tres

This will probably (and a bit sadly) be my last post on this topic (at least as far as this trip is concerned). If you read my second and third posts ( 486 more words