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How to make four hours go fast...

It’s not a statement, it’s a question. I’m all settled in at this big airport, at the place I think I’m supposed to catch the shuttle to my final destination. 363 more words


18 Breathtaking Images Of The Most Remote Places On The Planet

With the population of the world growing exponentially, there are few places left on earth that can boast complete isolation.

But these stunning pictures show that despite humankind’s rapid expansion, there are still some corners of the world which remain secluded from civilisation. 102 more words


6 places called "Edinburgh" that aren't in Scotland

“I am studying in Edinburgh” is what we say and hear all the time. But what if we were referring to another place on the planet which is actually called “Edinburgh” but is thousands of miles far from Scotland? 811 more words


The world's six most remote places

The world’s six most remote places
Sometimes you want to go away and shut yourself off from the world.
Travel to a place where you can be alone and where almost nobody lives.
93 more words


Uruguay: Paz e Tranquilidade no Cabo Polonio

Two years ago I was on the road in the Southern Brazil. This was when, by default, I decided to visit some parts of Uruguay and Argentina. 288 more words


Anything could be happening here and no-one would know

I’ve become fascinated with a particular kind of place. The kind of place no-one goes. It’s not far from town and it’s close enough to major roads to hear the distant rush of traffic…but it might as well be on the moon. 295 more words