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cara Install LAMP (Linux, Apache2, MysQL, PHP)

1. Saya Menggunakan Remote Server

Di dalam percobaan ini saya menggunakan remote server dengan ip

hampir seluruh posting ini saya sadur dari https://www.howtoforge.com/installing-apache2-with-php5-and-mysql-support-on-debian-wheezy

2. Install MysQL… 419 more words


Manage remote MySQL database locally using phpMyAdmin

In many web applications, we have to work with remote databases. It is very hard to manage those databases by accessing the remote server which our database run. 472 more words

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Using secure shell (ssh) for login and secure copy (scp) for data transfer on Linux

SSH stands for secure shell. It is an encrypted remote login protocol. Once it has been set up on each node, it can be used to communicate with various other nodes in that network. 410 more words


Apple justifies Mac user data being saved to iCloud

Apple Mac users were in a tizzy when they found out on internet that all their user data which is being saved to their hard drives is infact being leaked to Apple Servers. 419 more words

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How to get data from remote server file using PHP google appengine

$content = file_get_contents(http://ip address:port/filename.php”);

ip address->here you have to give the remote server ip address

filename.php->file name which you get data from.

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A New Android App that Turns Your Smartphone into a Hacking Tool

A new tool has surfaced on the web that can turn your Nexus Android phone into practically a Swiss¬†Army¬†knife. The tool is called Kali… 150 more words