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Can a single malware take down an entire city's power grid?

A malware which has the ability to take down a city’s electrical and power grid has been detected.

Named ‘Industroyer’, the malware was identified after an attack on Kiev in 2016. 234 more words

Connect to a remote server via SSH

SSH is a network protocol used for performing remote operation securely, including command-line logins, command executions and data communications. The ssh command in Unix operating systems implements the SSH protocol between an SSH client running on the local machine and an SSH server running on the remote machine. 132 more words


How to Remotely Manage Windows Server 2016

In this article, I’ll will show you the possible ways you can use to remotely manage your Windows Server 2016 on a network.

I assume you want to manage your servers from another Windows Server. 569 more words


SSH Tunnel to access a remote server

Recently we started developing an SOA integration with SAP. The problem we were facing was that the servers where the Web Services from SAP were exposed, were only accesible from the machines where the SOA Suite was installed, but not from our local machines. 401 more words

SOA Suite 12c