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Remotely support iPhone and iPad users via iOS screen sharing

We are proud to present the newest ISL Light for iOS which allows real-time screen sharing in iOS. You can now connect from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer to any iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 and view the screen of a remote iPhone or iPad device, providing remote support more efficiently than ever. 385 more words

Remote Support

Grenline Pet: After years of frustration with remote access tools, we have finally found satisfaction with ISL Online

Greenline Pet is a three-year old software-as-a-service (SaaS) start-up that makes redeeming coupons and rebates on commonly-used pet medications easier. In the year that Greenline has been using ISL Online, they have achieved an impressive 98% success rate with virtual installations, even among its technologically-diverse clientele. 587 more words

Remote Desktop

But I Don't Have a Password!

So, this isn’t just one instance, but something that I hear nearly everyday. A client will have issues with Outlook, usually one where I have to recreate the Outlook profile to resolve the issue. 121 more words


Execute local AutoHotkey scripts on a remote computer

Anyone who likes shortcuts will be happy to know that ISL Light supports AutoHotkey. ISL Online remote desktop software enables the AutoHotkey scripts which are running on operator’s computer to be executed on the remote computer. 217 more words

Remote Access

How Dare You Save Me Future Grief

Background: Client called in because his Google Earth program wouldn’t open. While troubleshooting, I noticed that his hard drive was throwing disk errors, indicating that his drive was failing. 146 more words


7 Hours Ago

No dialog or anything for this one. I was helping a guy sign into his Gmail account. Problem was, he reset his password and forgot it. 44 more words



Background: Client wants a specific homepage set for their browser
Me: Alright , what would you like your homepage to be.

C: My desktop

Me: Your desktop..like, this screen here? 103 more words