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Every day you need to do bigger and better! Get your Personal device maintenance plan and do great every day!

Every day when we get up we make choices. The choice of whether to look fresh or just go with the messed up look. Give preference to work or look good and then work with more energy and refreshing feeling.   299 more words

Do not lock your performance! Get the remote support to stay alive 24*7!

Our present life style clearly, explain that we do not work like the old times. In olden times, working for 8 to 9 hours shift was like keeping yourself healthy and staying up to compete and grow. 429 more words

First full day back at the office today for three weeks.

Some of the jobs planned for today:

  • Remote support to solve a lost password problem
  • Reinstall Windows 7 after a virus (customer wants a fresh reinstall)
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Resumed Linux support

January 7 I resumed Linux support due to the demand for support because of the End Of Life of Linux Mint 13 LTS, Ubuntu LTS versions 12.04 and Windows Vista. 62 more words


With the ISL Online remote desktop solution, Brazilian software giant AlterData supports a million clients yearly

One of the largest software companies in Brazil and one of the best places to work in Rio de Janeiro, AlterData Software scaled up from the basic open-source tool UltraVNC to the branded feature-rich ISL Online’s Private Cloud solution in 2013. 990 more words

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Customer Support Tool That Works

I was, on the phone trying to talk a non IT person through setting up a remote connection, and we were basically going round in circles. 545 more words