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"iRemote" Online Training Series

iRemote Training Series

Working Remote…Anywhere! Anytime! Anyplace!

The best projects I have worked on involved core project teams, part-time members, contracted resources from all over the world and various vendors and service providers that created a “melting pot” of folks working on one initiative to get the job done.

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Life Style

Want greater staff retention, less sickness absence and increased productivity? Join the results-based revolution and unleash the power within.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Racing around trying to get the dog organised, kids sorted and self looking presentable to arrive at the office for 9am like that’s all you’ve had to worry about. 700 more words

Leadership Lessons

Where to get your head down in central London

I don’t mean where to have a nap. Although that too would be lovely.

In this post, I talk about the venues I have sought out when needing somewhere to work in central London, along with top tips. 683 more words

How to Make Remote Working Work For You

How to Make Remote Working Work For You

  1. Good planning: have very clear structures and systems in place from the very beginning which should be maintained and fine-tuned as time goes by.
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10 Unconventional Ways I Achieve Full Focus

Many people dream of superhuman productivity. The best you can hope for, really, is to always be fully-focused in the task at hand.

I am a mere mortal, but I’ve learned a lot about keeping myself focused. 677 more words


Having only worked two days this week, it’s the weekend, and then I’m only “working” one day next week.

Feel like I’ve hardly spoken to my team this week but as of 9am Tuesday morning I’ll be on a plane to a spend week with them. 13 more words


This Tech Entrepreneur Shares Her Strategy For Managing Remote Workers Globally

Founder of The Social Element Tamara Littleton shares her entrepreneurial journey, and explains how she’s managed to successfully build an international company by principally employing remote workers. 12 more words