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How to put the Global in "Global Citizen"?

Inspired by the tales of a Global Speaker I’ve been observing my own global mindset. While living in Tanzania for 3 months I interacted with people around the world through receiving or providing various services. 515 more words

Global Citizens

6 things you need to know about working from home

Being part of a team connected only by the power of the interwebs is awesome for all kinds of reasons, not least because tea runs only ever require one mug. 366 more words

Lone Worker

Meet the Digitals - the Generation after Millennials

We keep talking about the Millennials, but there is a more demanding generation coming. The oldest Millennial is currently 34 years of age, they are becoming Managers and some are Founders of their own companies. 626 more words


Don't just rent a desk

If you live in a cosy appartment in a small Italian town, like I do, you will find yourself with the need to go out. So go. 158 more words

Remote Working

Hello Italy

Let this blog be a space for sharing my experience as a remote worker, far from my home country, Argentina. For the next couple of years I will be living in Italy, because reasons. 70 more words

Remote Working

Can I Work Remotely?

I don’t work remotely.

I work from my office in my house or on my IPad or my IPhone.

That’s because I don’t have a job. 395 more words