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Managing Your Business While Working Remotely

As an owner of your business, you’ll always want to get that privilege of living your life aside from cramping your ass out of your company. 423 more words

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Getting a Secure Grip on Handheld Devices

Companies today do not have a firm grasp of the security vulnerabilities associated with their handheld devices. Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs), Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), email and paging devices (such as the Blackberry), and other hybrid handheld communication devices are found in the hands of most every business manager these days but their inherent vulnerabilities are largely overlooked.  860 more words

6 ways to stay healthy as a remote worker

Ok, hands up. I’m a remote worker!

I’m one of those annoying people who sit in the local coffee shop, hogging the power outlet, using the Wi-Fi and ‘working remotely’ while sticking innumerable americanos and cups of tea down my neck (I can feel your disdain already…). 930 more words


Monday- My Coffee is overflowing

I awoke this morning at 4:30am like clockwork.  Seems to be my new normal.  When I cracked my eyes open I had this certain tension; Tension because I knew that I am behind on a few tasks at work and I have to get a few things done before my meetings of the day.  778 more words



When I was working for Weebly.com, my boss sent me an email that put a big smile on my face:

‘I just wanted to say ‘great job!’ on the most recent AER (Agent Effectiveness Report) – your numbers are great, and you’re setting a good example for all of the other reps, too!

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Design Tips That Will Make Your Home Office More Motivating

With the increasing trend of working remotely or as well call it, work-from-home, home offices have become a common thing to have. Whether you have a plush apartment with separate room dedicated to work or a corner in your bedroom that serves as your work spaces, home offices are definitely a thing. 506 more words

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