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Being a remote worker...

It struck me the other day, that I’ve now been a full-time remote worker for more than ten years. As the technology for working away from company offices slowly gets better, I’d like to hope this approach to work was getting more common. 2,310 more words


Depressed Mishmash

  • $1.5B Powerball (I just want the Universe to give me a chance to DO GOOD in the world. More GOOD than my measly attempts to smile at people and pay things forward.)
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Automattic perks

Today, Jason Fried posted about the perks Basecamp offer to their employees, and the post is having a wild success in my twitter timeline. Lots of the stuff they do is pretty similar to the perks we have in Automattic, so, since I keep trying to convince all my friends to apply and join us in… 551 more words


Working from home is all about duvet days, right?

(This post was first published on the GoToMeeting blog here)

I remember listening to a scientist a long time ago who was making the point that while we make astounding advances in certain areas of science, other areas remain frustratingly the same. 693 more words

Remote Working

The psychology of remote-working: Tips from the trenches

(This post was first published on the GoToMeeting blog here)

Today was a day in the office for me. Office day’s involve a 650km round trip from my home on the south coast, into the heart of our capital city and then on to our head office. 825 more words

Remote Working

Is Working From Home Code For Skiving?

On Monday, I felt the twinges of a cold setting in. I dosed up on Vitamin C, cold and flu remedies hoping to keep it at bay. 641 more words

Headphones & Attention

When I worked in an office headphones were a requirement for me. I absolutely needed them to focus. I really don’t use headphones all that often anymore since I started working remote 2 1/2 years ago.  168 more words