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Removable battery is what you want with your phone

I’ve been postponing this article for a long time; but now I have the time and will to write this article. At the second quarter of 2017, there has been an increase in articles that favor phones with non-removable batteries. 2,207 more words


Claire Cole started the topic Removable Sidemount/ Stage Rigging in the forum Sidemount Diving

I have an old 10w hid salvo and it s flooded, seems to have failed at the switch/switch boot and not any noticeable water inside but contacts are corroded and switch doesn t work, but bulb will strike and light when switch is avoided so seems bulb, cable and ballast are good, is the battery shot? 21 more words

Prosthetic Dentistry Basics: Primary Complete Denture Impressions

Finlay Sutton Video on Compound Primary Impressions

Finlay Sutton Video onĀ  Alginate Mandibular Primary Impressions

Impression making by McCord & Grant

Restorative Dentistry

Rose Aurora: Cannon, Bass, Delicious


Today we’re checking out the Aurora from Rose, an earphone which I have been using regularly since it was sent over sometime during the summer months. 2,404 more words


BGVP DM5: Wub Wub


Today we’re checking out a very interesting 2+2 hybrid from BVGP, the DM5.

The last earphone from BGVP I got my hands on was the SGZ-DN1, a 29 USD 1+1 hybrid with MMCX detachable cables and a low profile, ergonomic design. 2,577 more words