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1000 Voices by Ctrl.Alt.Shift

Award winning animated film about immigration detention in the UK from 2009.

‘…the scars stay in the brain and can never heal up’.

Human Stories

Watching a film about Afghanistan

I went to Camden to watch a film about someone who was sent back to Afghanistan. When Hamedullah was here, he was happy, but then they sent him back to Afghanistan. 299 more words


Meet the officers!

Some officers are not good with us here and we feel that they are racist with us.

There are 2 different type of officers here, some of them are really helpful and you feel that they are here to help detainees but some of them are opposite of first group. 481 more words


Going for Bail - an update on my case

I’m applying for bail! My solicitor says I have a chance to get bail while I am waiting for my case to be decided. She told me a couple of weeks ago but until now she couldn’t find someone to take the bail case for me. 179 more words


Stories from the detainees

I will tell you about some of the people I met here. Lots of them are my friends. We often joke together.

There was an old, old man from Pakistan whose hair and beard were white. 381 more words


Afghans released!

Last week 3 or 4 people from my country were released.  They and I don’t even know the reason why.  One of my friends had no solicitor because nobody could take his case. 316 more words


"...no speak English!"

I had been stuck in the removal wing for a week after my 6th deportation flight was cancelled. I asked the officers to move me back to the main wing, where there is much more space, but he said they were too busy that day. 176 more words