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Lessons Learnt #1 - Moving

Things I didn’t know until this week and advice I can offer. As I’ve mentioned before, this week I have been moving house, so the majority of things I now know relate specifically to this. 452 more words

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Pushing them too far

After working with mean honeybees for a couple of weeks straight, I really wanted a nice, simple, friendly interaction with bees to restore my confidence. A sting or two is ok and expected, especially with a removal where you are taking the bees out of their home and away from their resources. 1,397 more words

I'm Moving Again!

It’s the third time since 15 November 2019. Why? I hear you ask. Why would anyone want to move that often? Good question. 770 more words

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Hire The Removal Companies In Salisbury | Moving In Or Out The City

Typically, you will certainly want to expand your service however your workplace is situating in the little locations. In this instance, there will be two choices that you can enhance the marking of your profession by renovating your previous workplace or change to the brand-new bigger property. 495 more words

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We're BACK!

For every bee removal job I complete, I provide some strongly worded suggestions about what the next steps need to be. After explaining that you DO NOT want me as your repair carpenter, I provide the following recommendation: 573 more words


I asked off work for Friday afternoon to take care of the first of four hive removal projects. The place is just lovely – a two-story antebellum home that overlooks the old path that the Mississippi River took in front of Vicksburg. 891 more words

Windrush was avoidable but justice is still being denied

When the Windrush scandal began to surface in 2017, a lot of right wing people argued that the black community and investigative journalists were deliberately blowing things out of proportion to cause problems for Theresa May’s crumbling premiership. 1,177 more words

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