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Nature Republic Magic Remover

This very useful wipes had been my trusted companion whenever I go overseas. It is effective in removing makeup and even my falsies..

However, recently I read that it’s not good to tug on your skin (besides facial, I don’t allow people to touch my face at all!!), so I may be changing to other removers when I’m overseas.. 6 more words


//2// Photoshop CS6 | Basic Blemish Remover

This edit is one of the most basic tools to use in CS6, I’ve only done the most basic editing of this photo and that is to remove the blemishes, I’ve yet to learn how to improve the texture and complexion of the skin. 122 more words


How To Remove Any Makeup Stain (Without Makeup Remover)

We’ve all woken up with last night’s lipstick on our pillowcase. (Even if it wasn’t your lipstick, stuff happens.) And sometimes you don’t have any makeup remover handy, or it just doesn’t get the job done. 340 more words


Face Cleansing for the lazy ones

This isn’t going to be a long post, because let’s be honest, no one wants a very long cleansing process. Not in the morning because you’re still in zombie mode, not even at night because going to bed is much more appealing than spending hours in the bathroom. 261 more words


5 uses of coconut oil for that glow

Using so many products on your body may beautify you but for a short period. It works as a steroid. Must have heard about witches who eat flesh of humans to remain beautiful. 401 more words