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Šta su maske za spavanje i vrede li čemu?

Veliki sam fan regularnih maski za lice, i sve svoje omiljene ću plasirati u odvojenom postu. Afinitet datira iz perioda najranijeg detinjstva (a to je bilo u prošlom veku, da, da) kad nismo mogli da kupimo maske u radnjama ali je moja baba jednom nedeljno stavljala na facu kombinaciju… 513 more words

Super Lovers Season 2 Series Review


Super Lovers season 2 picks up with Ren and Haru pretty much where season 1 left off. Their relationship is in limbo. That said, Ren is actively becoming more aggressive in his pursuit of a relationship this season. 548 more words

Alexis Ren Is The Best Thing Going Today

Yeah; she tries to act all shy and whatnot; but we know she loves showing off her cute tits on camera. Enjoy this beautiful Alexis Ren picture!
Non Classé

REN Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

I was delighted when I was sent the REN Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask* to review by BeautyExpert. I’ve been eyeing it up for ages! This mask is from REN’s EverCalm range which is specially formulated for sensitive skin, so it’s absolutely perfect for me! 379 more words


Four Faces of Confucian Goodness

Nowhere in Confucius is there an attempt to give a technical definition of anything; instead, when faced with a “What is…?” question, his reply usually amounts to “It is when…” He refuses to reify moral qualities, to treat them as objects with fixed attributes that we can have. 913 more words


Studying Mistakes


The Master said, “People’s mistakes run true to type. By studying mistakes, we can know ren/Goodness.” (Analects, 4.17)

This Analect has a simple, compact power that tends to be softened and dulled in the conventional interpretations, which go something like: “People err according to their own level. 447 more words


Why Is Filiality "the Root of Goodness"?

君子務本、本立而道生。孝弟也者、其爲仁之本與 The superior person concerns himself with the roots. Once the roots are established, the Way appears. Are not xiao and obedience to elders the root of humane goodness?” (Analects, 1.2) 717 more words