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French, Feminine Rhymes, and Two 16th-Century Choir Pieces

Have I mentioned that French is the worst?

There are a couple of reasons that dealing with French in my business is such a pain: 878 more words

Singable Translations

Graindelavoix: Broederschappen en devotie / Fraternities and devotion

Program: “Broederschappen en devotie”, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ (Wolffinarium), 03 April 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Broadcasted by MAX, NPO (broadcasting company from the Netherlands) in the program Avondconcert live 03 April 2016… 139 more words

Renaissance Music

Lagrime di San Pietro

Overwhelmed by this late Renaissance masterpiece from the end of Orlando di Lasso’s life: Grant Gershon will lead the Los Angeles Master Chorale in a… 119 more words

Three Choir Pieces

My friend Jadzia is working on a new website for her editions of medieval and Renaissance music: St. Cecilia Press, and she mentioned that it would be cool if I wrote some singable translations for the pieces she’s edited. 428 more words

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La vida de Culin

Recently, a friend asked if I would help with a project.

My  friend is hosting a ball next year that has a super-cool theme: All of the dances on the dancelist will be dances performed to tunes that also have lyrics. 540 more words

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Recent and Upcoming Performances

Seniors’ Cafe                    seniorscafeprogram

Date: Tuesday  4 October, 10-12 am.  Venue: St. Philip’s Anglican Church, 3737 W. 27th Ave. Vancouver

The full band and guest Anthony Morgan played a 30 minute recital to those attending St. 50 more words

Pastime Consort

Masters in Music: Julian Bream

Happy 83rd Birthday, Julian Bream!

Julian Bream is an internationally celebrated English guitarist and lutenist who inspired a new interest in Renaissance lute music.

He was born in London, July 15, 1933. 158 more words