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Can history teach us lessons?

Elle Fang – Year 13 Historian

Outstanding current Year 13 history student Elle Fang recently entered the New College of Humanities (NCH) essay competition. Her excellent essay exploring the contemporary relevance and role of historical study was… 1,863 more words

Social Sciences


Lighting’s Little Brother.

Colour is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of film. Colour or lack thereof adds a layer of emotional and contextual depth to a film that can either make or break the success of a production. 800 more words


After The Deluge... Part 1: Slow Train

Following on from my little rant in the last couple of posts – too many ‘Whys’?? – about our culture’s obsession with speed, at the price of quality of life and experience, I thought I would start a series of articles on what I imagine post-apocalyptic life and technology might look like, starting with travel and the model for my train scenes in Renaissance: the… 219 more words


The preparation for a Fresco takes years before any paint hits the wall. One major component in this lengthy preparation is the plaster. This plaster, which is composed mainly of lime, has been used since ancient times in art and architecture. 1,358 more words


Anne Boleyn: The Difference of 1,100 Days

By Heather R. Darsie

On 15 May 1536, Anne Boleyn was put on trial for her alleged crimes against Henry VIII. Three years earlier, a roughly five-months pregnant Anne and her husband Henry were learning that things were leaning in favor of their marriage. 658 more words

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Echo Lake II

Spyralle’s Echo Lake series from our Haze Pottery takes a historical turn this season in two popular hunts! Though the glaze style is modern, the form is traditional in the pitcher and bowl washstand set that comes with a colonial style washstand. 405 more words