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Why Do The Research?

Someone might ask why I bother doing the research into medical journals and textbooks.  Why am I reading esoteric articles on denervation, atrophy, innervation, skeletal muscles, nephrectomy, etc?  346 more words


Giving Thanks, Day 4: October 21, 2017

Adapted from this post: http://www.maryo.co/giving-thanks-day-4-october-21-2017/

I am so thankful for all my doctors but today I am thankful for Dr. Amir Al-Juburi who saved my life by removing my kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma). 227 more words

Heart Attack

Targeted drug shows promise in rare advanced kidney cancer

Some patients with a form of advanced kidney cancer that carries a poor prognosis benefited from an experimental drug targeted to an abnormal genetic pathway causing cancerous growth, according to research led by a Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientist. 364 more words

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Adventures with Human Growth Hormone

I’ve been dealing with Cushing’s since 1983.  The after effects of pituitary surgery since 1987, kidney cancer since 2006.  It’s time I felt better, already! 2,618 more words

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Just call me #asskicker

I am many things.

I am a rule follower.

I am a complete nerd.

I am a worrier.

I am a hard worker.

I am a wife. 262 more words


Perioperative Systemic Therapy for Kidney Cancer: Current Data and Ongoing Trials

Chicago, IL (UroToday.com) Dr. Uzzo gave the third and final talk in this excellent session highlighting systemic therapy in the management of kidney cancer. Focusing specifically on the role of perioperative systemic therapy (neoadjuvant and adjuvant ), he adeptly covered the prior literature and the future directions of this important intersection between surgery and systemic therapy. 1,219 more words

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Current Therapeutics of Kidney Cancer: Landmark Trials

Chicago, IL (UroToday.com) Dr. Vaishampayan provided an excellent walk down memory lane, highlighting the landmark trials in kidney cancer over the last 20 years at this morning’s ASCO 2017 annual meeting session “Evolving Treatment Paradigm in Renal Cell Carcinoma.” 794 more words

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