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5 Things To Keep Kidney Healthy & Fit!

When we talk about health, the kidneys are rarely spoken of. These unsung heroes are responsible for filtering waste out of our bodies and ensuring that only clean blood flows through our system. 415 more words


Straight, No Chaser: Kidney (Renal) Failure

We take our kidneys for granted. They are truly remarkable organs. In this Straight, No Chaser, we will review kidney function and explain kidney failure. 525 more words

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Why our pet's kidneys should not be ignored!

One of the most overlooked aspects of our pets’ health is kidney or renal care. The kidneys perform a wide variety of important roles. They are involved in toxin removal, blood pressure control, aiding in the production of new red blood cell formation and electrolyte, pH and water balance. 845 more words

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Peritoneal Dialysis

Another option that has been around for a long time, but is gaining increasing traction is peritoneal dialysis (PD).  PD is a method of cleaning the body of the toxins and waste products that are normally eliminated by the kidneys.   369 more words

Kidney Disease

Kidney (or Renal) disease or failure are general terms used to describe problems with the kidneys and their ability to function properly. Kidney disease is one of the most common problems that veterinary surgeons see in cats and it is thought that the reason we see so many cases is because our beloved pet cats are living so much longer these days, thanks to great care from owners as well as advances in nutrition and veterinary treatments.  1,658 more words


The Vitamin D Crisis in End-Stage Renal Disease

Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) lose their kidneys ability to produce the active form of Vitamin D; something which inevitably results in serious mineral and hormonal imbalances that lead to the development of bone and heart disease. 882 more words

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I haven’t been posting as much cuz I’ve been working! All the time! I need the money so it’s a good thing but I wouldn’t have minded staying home with the dogs! 148 more words