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My body hates me

I haven’t done much today. Mostly lived between the couch, my bed, and my bathroom. I haven’t showered since yesterday afternoon. My hair is greasy. I couldn’t drive today to get meds because my blood pressure was scary low. 603 more words

Autoimmune Disease

‚ÄčI feel dirty, grubby, toxic, full of poison. my blood is dirty. muck gathers around my joints and organs, it seems to hinder my very breathing.

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Baxter ShareSource System: A New Dialysis Option for You

Chronic kidney disease is a quite underestimated subject by ordinary people. This issue is much more socially extended than many people believe, and, in fact, statistics suggest that one in every hundred people may be suffering from this terrible illness today. 842 more words


Acid-Base Compensation: What is it, and how to prevent it?

Acid-base Compensation is the relative constancy of the acid-base relationship of the internal environment of a living organism, particularly when it comes to the renal system. 844 more words


Case 85 - summary

So, our patient has had quite a week! Thanks to your efforts, he is safely back on the ward, conscious and improving.


We have managed an emergency presentation of an unconscious patient with severe hypercalcaemia, hyperviscosity and an AKI. 289 more words


Case 85 - update 2

We rejoin our patient on HDU…

He remains unconscious and lacks capacity to currrently make decisions regarding his further management.

Based on our team’s suspicion of an underlying plasma cell disorder, that may be driving our patient’s hypercalcaemia, AKI and hyperviscosity, a best interests decision is made to urgently investigate. 283 more words


Case 85 - update 1

Thank you for all your help so far on the medical admissions unit.

Our patient was initially assessed using an ABCDE approach:
A) Snoring, requiring an airway adjunct (nasopharangeal airway) 417 more words