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Renal Transporters and pathophysiology of drug induced renal disorders

Essential basic renal biochemistry from our Infectious Diseases Pharmacist! 

CE 2015 renal transporters and dolutegravir L Harris

  • Creatinine tubular excretion transport mechanisms and drugs that interfere .
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3 Major Tips to Avoid Kidney Failure

Our body is our main capital to everyday living. Most people tend to forget this fact. Taking advantage of our bodies through the unnecessary food and drinks that we intake in our system is deadly. 471 more words

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Kindness provides healing

Survival tip: Sometimes expressing kindness and care for others is not about you. Whether you hear thank you does not minimize the impact. You might be forgotten, but the act 783 more words

Kidney Failure

Excess Mortality among Persons with Type 2 Diabetes

Sarah Vo, Mercer University College of Pharmacy

The prevalence of diabetes is suggested to have increased over the past two decades and is expected to affect more than 500 million adults by 2030, with most being type 2 diabetes. 603 more words

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Case 47 - summary

Thank you for all your help with this weeks case! We have had some very helpful renal input this week!
This week we looked at the case of a normally fit 60year old gentleman who presented with peripheral oedema and was found to have proteinuria. 935 more words

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Case 47 - update 2

So we have another update on our gentleman.
He has been found to have nephrotic syndrome and a renal biopsy has been performed which has now come back and is consistent with AL Amyloid nephropathy. 133 more words


Case 47 - update 1

Here is our first update on our 60 year old gentleman, who only has childhood asthma in his pmh.
He initially presented with ankle swelling and despite 20mg furosemide he felt it was getting slightly worse at his second visit. 191 more words