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Diabetes : disability or is it a chronic illness

The statistics are staggering, showing that diabetes is a growing threat to the nation’s wellness and that it is a chronic illness. But, asks Marchelle Abrahams, does this make it a disability according to South African legislation? 307 more words


Our regular followers know that I took Keith to the clinic last week because he wasn’t doing well – turned out his hemoglobin numbers had dropped. 293 more words

Peritoneal Dialysis

Coming Back From Kidney Disease: Are You Ready to Work Again?

As per discussed in older posts by Joe Cosgrove, kidney disease, and renal failure, although imply a really hard time for patients, still leave room for them to get the most out of life. 788 more words


The 17 years I spent in California can accurately be called my adult life.  They were supposed to be my chance to conquer the entertainment industry, fulfilling my life’s ambitions and paying off all of my much-celebrated “potential.”  As the best friend I made there put it however, “potential is BS.”  So while I did get a credit in Hollywood, get on TV, get my writing published, and make films, it wasn’t the way I expected it would be.  318 more words


Olutayo's Kidney Transplant Fund

Olutayo is my immediate younger brother. Not sure why I haven’t put this up before now since we have had a Facebook page and a GoFundMe page for him for quite a while. 197 more words

The Courage Tree - by Diane Chamberlain (2001)

“The Courage Tree” is the story of two mothers and two daughters whose lives intersect. Janine has an 8-year-old daughter, Sophie, who has gone to summer camp for the first time, despite having kidney failure. 112 more words

Fiction (all Types)

Philhealth Benefits and More Part 4: Z Benefit Packages (Orthopedic Surgery, Renal Failure, Cancer)

The fourth and final installment of our series on Philhealth benefits will focus on orthopedic surgeries, renal diseases, and other types of cancer.  When availing of these benefits, it is best to see a Philhealth representative at the hospital where you are confined or call their Action Center number at 02-447-7442. 532 more words