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Illness as Voice

When I began this blog I made a rule with myself. My posts had to say something. They had to make a clear a point. They had to speak meaningfully about some of the things that end-stage renal failure and dialysis patients go through. 518 more words


Burnt out

Sorry for the radio silence, a lot has happened since we last spoke. Well the city that I have called home for 5 years is now on fire, I have had friends and family lose there homes but thankfully everyone is safe…. 104 more words

Renal Failure

What is in a name?

So I have this weird tendency to name things lol. It started as a joke with my car ( Tom ), but as my life moved towards being sick and having a central line in my chest, I realized quickly the reaction and discomfort that my central line caused. 107 more words

Renal Failure

A letter to parents

Dear Parents,

Please know that we, your chronically sick and dying children are grateful for all you can and are able to do.
We hear it in your voices and we see it in your actions and we are grateful. 172 more words

Renal Failure

The dry weight dilemma

Lol I had so much fun with this last night 😂 all right so being sick may have its perks but when it comes to dealing with doctors I find they all think we are lying children trying to hide the glass we just broke by sweeping it under the rug lol. 304 more words

Renal Failure

An Introduction


I’m Sage,

I guess I’m starting this because I have a need to be heard. Here is a little about the last 5 years of my life, I left an extremely abusive relationship, went into renal failure and ended up in a city I barely knew, on life support. 97 more words

Renal Failure