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How the Stress of an MMA Fight Can Lead to Death.

Recently in the  news, 2 MMA/Bar Knuckle street fighters were hospitalized after a Bellator broadcast event. One was the street fighter known as Dada 5000. The other was the internet sensation Kimbo Slice. 412 more words


Be aware of these consequences of having hemodialysis

What are the side effects of a hemodialysis? Joe Cosgrove asks himself. What changes do people experience when they are treated with Hemodialysis? In fact, what can patients expect when the treatment starts and all the changes in the body start to appear? 784 more words


The NYC Tracks with Jon-Emile part 2: a discussion on congestion, pulmonary and otherwise. #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMus

So here is our second discussion, where we delve a bit into diuretic physiology, the issue of organ congestion, the myth of the “low-flow” acute renal failure associated with CHF ( 179 more words

Skillet day

365 ptoject. I was silly and talked my sister into a mini shopping raid to Midland. Stopped to Midland Cultural Centre to view exhibit at Quest Gallery. 69 more words


Dialysis Diaries

I am often asked about my recent experience of dialysis treatment “what does it involve?”, “how does it work?” and “what does it feel like?” I must say that, despite the shocking nature of the situation, I can’t help but be absolutely captivated and fascinated by how it all works. 977 more words


And again we now wait...

Well this month is going to be a make or break one. If only due to a couple issues, that in their own way tie into each other. 368 more words


Lining Up

After an interminable period of nervously waiting, Thursday was
finally upon me – the day I would have my line inserted. I still did not, at that point, fully understand the full ramifications of what was about to happen. 854 more words