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What you need to know about dialysis in children

So far, we have shared information on this blog related to what kidneys are and what happens when they stop working in the way they should. 906 more words


Transplant Turmoil

I must start this post off with some incredible news… two weeks today, I will receive the most fantastic Christmas present I could ever wish for. 833 more words


Another Goodbye

Continued from No Such Thing as Perfect

“A daughter without her mother is a woman broken. It is a loss that turns to arthritis and settles deep into her bones.

1,218 more words
Simply Me

A Real Renal Rollercoaster

For quite some time now I have experienced so many emotions during this journey through kidney failure. Many times I noted to myself a particular thought or feeling – and reminded myself to write it down in the blog. 2,281 more words


World Diabetes Day: Diabetes is one of the main causes of renal failure

In the past years, diabetes mellitus has developed into a widespread disease – with serious consequences. Diabetes is one of the main causes of renal failure. 215 more words

Improving Quality Of Life

Understanding Acid-Base Disorders: Metabolic Acidosis

Pentec Health CEO Joe Cosgrove has addressed before the topic of dialysis in several occasions; however, and given the variety of health issues related to renal failure, it is also important to discuss and clarify the doubts people may have about other renal pathologies such as acid-base disorders. 779 more words


Magnesium Balances Calcium - Part II - Carolyn Dean MD ND

One of the most popular minerals in the news today is calcium. We are told to take increased amounts in our diet as a supplement to prevent osteoporosis and eliminate muscle cramping during menstruation or from over-exercising. 1,089 more words