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Alive and Survived

I’m 12 years post-kidney transplant, the borrowed kidney is fine, but scarred and striated. I’ve survived renal failure, heart failure, four types of heart issues , two umbilical hernia surgeries, colon cancer diagnosis then misdiagnosis. 303 more words

Brick Oneil

The Importance of Learning Kidney Infection Better

It is true when they say that kidney infection is more irritating, uncomforting and bothering without proper treatment. Remember that there are other health risks that can manifest if the symptoms of infection are serious and the trouble might be fatal. 415 more words

Kidney Failure

Hello Heartache (Part One)

It finally happened.  My gorgeous, vibrant, hilarious, dear mother died.  She was miserable in her final years and had become confined to her bed and wheelchair in the last months of her life.   757 more words

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"I Can Not Even Believe The Heart Of Atlanta!"

This story begins with A BIG THANK YOU, as it was surely the V-103 listeners and viewers who quadrupled in a matter of hours what the ailing Stephanie Davis had previously raised over the course of four months. 197 more words


Some Obvious Symptoms of Kidney Infection

We have to admit that a kidney infection becomes more uncomfortable and nuisance, if left untreated. We must remember that blood poisoning also may occur if the kidney infection symptoms become severe that usually results into death. 425 more words

Kidney Failure

What did you call me?

A few years go Grumpy spent some time in the hospital due to acute renal failure. He was unconscious for several days, and when he finally woke up he was… confused. 318 more words

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The prognosis of terminal renal disease without dialysis

How about the prognosis of ESRD? ESRD is the final stage of chronic kidney disease, but not all patients with ESRD to undergo dialysis or a kidney transplant. 337 more words