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Can I eat too much protein?

In search of the ‘gainz’ many people will constantly feed their muscles with protein, which is understandable as protein is responsible for the growth and repair of muscle within the body. 453 more words

Diet And Nutrition

Hilot: Healing for Kidney Diseases

PASIG CITY, Philippines- “Around four years ago, I already received Extreme Unction and Viaticum,” Fr. Columbano Adag, OSB, cheerfully reveals. “I already asked for forgiveness from the community. 768 more words


Wait, what CANCER?!?!?!?

It’s really been a while since I’ve written so here goes. i don’t even know where i left off but i will just begin where i am now. 277 more words

Affordable Kidney Transplant Surgery to Improve Your Quality of Life

Kidney Transplantation is basically a surgical intervention which is performed to place a kidney either from a live or deceased donor into a patient whose kidneys do not any longer function properly. 1,991 more words


Some significant concepts about the Renal Compensation

As we have seen in different posts, the renal function is vital for human’s living. Through this process, the human body can filter the toxins and different substances from the blood, which cleans it and gives to people what they need to have a good quality living. 761 more words


Dispelling The Most Common Myths About Kidney Disease

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease amongst the general population is around 14 percent. Out of the 661,000 Americans who have kidney failure, 468,000 approximately are undergoing dialysis treatment and 193,000 individuals live today with a functioning kidney transplant. 804 more words


5 Things To Keep Kidney Healthy & Fit!

When we talk about health, the kidneys are rarely spoken of. These unsung heroes are responsible for filtering waste out of our bodies and ensuring that only clean blood flows through our system. 415 more words