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Men - Or - Pause

During this period, fashion or beauty trends doesn’t stop for anyone- even men.  Here are some beauty tips for men:

  1. Trim hair : Whether its nose hairs or  eyebrows, “manscaping” makes a world of difference and highlights those manly features we’ve come to love.
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Part From Me

Women who try different partings in their hair are surely in a long standing relationship with beauty. Allow us to establish some hair do’s and don’ts during your date with the mirror. 62 more words


Beauty's Choice Awards

Beauty is no longer awarded to a chosen few. In fact, everyone may receive the title of beauty. Gone are the days where the primary focus is a well endowed head of long flowing hair, flawless pale skin, high and hard core check bones… 52 more words


Beauty that takes your Breath Away

Do you breath properly, evenly or

erratically? Breathing is vital to strengthening

and reviving you of energy lost throughout the day.

Breathing also rejuvenates you by decreasing stress… 28 more words


Crown Me!

You wake up every day feeling like a queen, looking like a queen, but don’t have your crown to match? Crown your head with this wrap around hairstyle that’s great for the summertime. 61 more words


The Illusion Of Definition!

Some people feel that they are blessed with a round face while others think having a round face makes them look chubby. If you have a round face that makes you feel chubby, there are some make-up application techniques that can help slim down the appearance of your round face. 47 more words


“The Wet Look”

The slicked back look is BACK!!! It’s a great transitional style from work to a night out.

It’s a very minimalistic and effortless look.  The “wet look” is great with any type of look and is perfect for the windy spring and hot summer. 40 more words