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Scaffolding officially off hire

I so wish I hadn’t decided to drink a lovely G&T to mark the fact that I got to the end of the day in one piece!  854 more words


Rendering Beeswax

As part of the normal beekeeping year, beekeepers accumulate wax from replacing old brood frames and from wax cappings at extraction time.

Brood Frames

Each year it is recommended that a beekeeper replaces a third of the frames in the brood box. 698 more words

Dismal Order - Creation

This is a song I wrote while in China. (I was there for the last month, so that’s why nothing was posted here) My cousin came up with the basic idea and let me run with it. 8 more words


Iris surprise, scaffolding ransom and snagging

Lord, this house building lark gets harder and harder each week.  Obviously we had hoped to be scaffold free by now, but yet again, the scaffolder has got more money out of us.  1,970 more words