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Electrical work, plumbing, heating, cooling, rendering. On it goes. 

In the past week, Ryan’s tradies have have been here en masse getting the house ready for the next stage.  A veritable bevy of trades have been here: electricians; plumbers; heating and cooling guys; renderers and the builders themselves. 803 more words


Residential building

I made this residential buildnig at first in ArchiCAD than I countinued in Cinema 4D and the post production was made in Photoshop. 10 more words


3D Volume Rendering

This is the first part of a two-semester senior project in which volume rendering is implemented on CPU. The research and development efforts include development of Bitmap file format writer, volume loader, and renderer. 848 more words


No Place Like Home - Moise Itachi

Countering the nostalgia of missing home…

Frames complete

Received a call today from our SS letting us know that the frames were complete and that bricks should be delivered today as well. Dropped by the site again to see the finished framing and was happy to see that the bricks had been delivered. 50 more words


My latest project, and anyone who grew up like I did on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers should recognise this guy as the almighty motherloving Dragonzord. Or Dragon Caesar, if you’re more Japanese inclined and watched Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. 49 more words

WIP - Liverpool Radio City Tower

So one small little project I’m working on in my own time (one of I don’t know… a million) is playing round with a reconstruction of famous Liverpool landmark and home of the illustrious Pete Price’s radio show, the Radio City Tower. 25 more words