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Heavy Rain: DayZ Displays New DX11 Renderer

One huge turning point DayZ has gone to on its hike via the boglands of Very early Gain access to has been a new renderer . 32 more words


Different Rendering Behavior Of Lightning Component

Hi All,

In this article I will tell you how and when you can use/customize different Renderer.js functions of a Lightning Component. There are different types of renderer functions which are called automatically when a Component is Render, Rerender or Unrender. 649 more words

Salesforce1 Lightning

Unity Surface Shader Cartoon Renderer

In the newer versions of Unity, shaders use a Surface function, as opposed to a Vert/Frag combo to render everything.  But they also allow for a vertex function to be used if it’s needed.  161 more words


We're Hiring!

Looking for something better?  We work hard, laugh hard, and eat a lot.  Our studio is a safe haven for rendering jokes and useless knowledge.  We believe in collaboration, honesty, and fried chicken.   191 more words

Art Of Rendering

Day 2 - First Program in OpenGL

Day 2 – First Program in OpenGL

Hi Coders,

Let’s start the day with our first program in OpenGL. This program will basically give you insight of OpenGL and how it follows Android’s activity life cycle .Here follows the step by step process with details: 634 more words