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Physically Based Rendering!


It’s me! Today I’m writing my first real post on the amazing concept of Physically Based Rendering! This blogpost won’t show much code, but will definitely show some juicy screenshots. 371 more words


Tachynoll (2)

Cornell Box가 일단 되고 나면, 이제 여러 가지를 시도해 볼 수 있다. 재미로 할 수도 있을 것이고, 렌더러가 문제를 옳게 풀도록 제대로 만들어졌는지 시험해 보기 위해 어려운 상황을 만들어서 테스트할 수도 있다. 41 more words


Tachynoll (1)

내가 raytracing을 시작하게 된 것은 정말 순수히 학문적인 목적이었다.
특정 device에서특정한 geometry에서, light extraction이 측정되는 성능에서 얼마나 큰 비중을
차지하는가? 에 대한 조사를 해야 할 일이 생겼는데, 그 때 고민하다 아예 raytracer를 만들어서 시뮬레이션을 하자는 생각을 했다. 55 more words


Simon Spina


“You have to be fast, you don’t want to be the one causing a hold up.”

I am a concrete patcher.

When I left school, I wanted to do forensic science. 1,860 more words

The Final Animatic

Today we presented our final animatic, as in just two more weeks, we will be handing in our final film.

At this moment in time we have a lot of animation done, but no animation is completely final, and most still needs a lot of work. 114 more words


Arnold Material Single Shader Anim

Annold bitmap material animated on single shader.

Here’s the setup:


How to write a custom TextField / Entry in Xamarin Forms

Hi Guys,
Today i am going to teach you about how to create a custom TextField in Xamarin Forms.
In Xamarin, we called it as custom renderers. 523 more words

Xamarin Forms