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A Haiku About Mothers

Always honor her
For life is very fleeting
Time flees like fall leaves

I think about my mother often.

My mother died when she was forty. 7 more words


Road to Anti-Aliasing in BRE: Rasterization

I want to implement anti-aliasing in BRE, but first, I want to explore what it is, how it is caused, and what are the techniques to mitigate this effect. 2,484 more words


Eye - IOT

Targeted market:

Consumer electronics for people living in metro cities.

User study:

User’s bandwidth is wide. It can be from people in their 20’s to 70’s. 291 more words


Sorting particles the right way... I guess...

Close your eyes.

Actually, keep them opened because you have to keep reading.

Imagine a train moving at a constant speed. You’re traveling inside the train, in a seat near a window. 619 more words



You achieve perfection in sketching and rendering with hours of practice , each time you get better at it . The idea was to make five detailed sketches of street vendors along with rendering from our own photographs  . 110 more words

Drawing And Imaging