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Why you should—and shouldn't—buy an electric car

California was on track to meet Gov. Jerry Brown’s initial goal for putting 1.5 million environmentally friendly vehicles on the road by 2025, a new report says, but then Brown upped the target. 8 more words

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India's Steps Towards Renewable Energy

Since India has a huge potential of renewable energy sources[1], it has been actively engrossed in utilizing them to complete target of 175 GW of electricity from renewables. 308 more words

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Tamil Nadu ranked 9th worldwide as an electricity market leading the transition to Wind and Solar

The IEEFA has published a report ranking Tamil Nadu as one of the 9 Electricity markets in the world leading the transition to wind and solar. 54 more words

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Budget success at the Lewes District Council for the Lib Dems

Budget success at the Lewes district council for the Liberal Democrats and their leader Sarah Osborne!  All 5 of Lewes District Council Liberal Democrat Leader Sarah Osborne’s amendments to the Lewes District Council budget were approved with cross-party support this week.  196 more words

Electric car market jumpstarts cobalt prices

Cobalt is hitting historically high prices fuelled by the automobile industry, which needs the rare metal to make light and durable electric batteries.

Source: Phys.org – Energy & Green Tech News

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Scientists test world's first solar fuels reactor for night

International solar thermal energy researchers have successfully tested CONTISOL, a solar reactor that runs on air, able to make any solar fuel like hydrogen and to run day or night – because it uses concentrated solar power (CSP) which can include thermal energy storage. 8 more words

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