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Earthship Houses: Working for People and the Earth

Construction of an Earthship house is low tech and has been kept within most people’s skill level.

By Linn Smith

May 22 ,2015—“An understanding of mechanical systems for most humans is limited to what is within reach of their fingertips. 1,165 more words

Climate Change

Developing countries increasingly deploying sustainable energy technologies

Chris Mooney wrote a good article in the Washington Post about a new report highlighting how developing countries are more and more installing renewable energy technologies to great effect. 620 more words

Renewable Energy

New solar technology from Sweden

The Inquisitr website provides an interesting article about what a Swedish company claims is the most efficient solar power plant in the world.

The Swedes Have Created The Most Efficient Solar Energy System Using Mirrors And A 2-Centuries-Old Invention… 408 more words

Renewable Energy

Showing the renewable energy transition is underway

The Earth Policy Institute writes on the EcoWatch website about seven reasons why renewable energy is firmly entrenched in our global energy system.

7 Facts That Prove the Renewable Energy Revolution Has Arrived… 623 more words

Renewable Energy