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Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg 等攜手推動新能源發展

正當各國元首在巴黎關注氣候變化,Facebook創辦人Mark Zuckerberg 宣佈加入Breakthrough Energy Coalition (BEC) 的成立。究竟Breakthrough Energy Coalition 是什麼,一如其名是一個推動創新能源的組織。這個組織由不同的商界猛人一同成立,較為港人熟識的有微軟創辦人Bill Gates,阿里巴巴主席馬雲,維珍集團創立人Richard Branson及Facebook的Mark Zuckerberg等等。

新的能源概念及研究往往因為高風險、低回報而缺乏資金及投資者,BEC希望解決這個問題,為新興及有突破潛力的公司提供資金,從而推動新能源的發展,為將來可靠、低成本、零碳能源出一分力,待這些漸上軌道再由傳統投資者接手。一起來聽聽Bill Gates(比爾·蓋茲) 怎麼說:

Renewable Energy

Faith Communities in Ottawa Go Solar

by Miriam Katawazi

Trinity Anglican Church is known in Ottawa as the church that prays for sunshine, said Rev. Arran Thorpe.

In 2011, the church installed solar panels on the rooftop of its building through the Ontario MicroFIT program. 589 more words

PEN Autumn 2015

Bill Gates launches multi-billion dollar clean energy fund

Bill Gates has pulled together a multinational band of investors to put billions into clean energy.
The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist announced his latest endeavor, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, at the climate change summit in Paris. 537 more words

Renewable Energy

New report outlines benefits and trade-offs of low-carbon energy

If it’s green, it’s mostly clean, according to a new, comprehensive review of renewable energy sources released today by the International Resource Panel, hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 8 more words

Green Tech

How SunFunder Is Proving To The World That Developing Countries Are Great Cleantech Investments

The co-founders of SunFunder met online. Then, two weeks after they first chatted on the phone about starting a company focused on bringing energy access to the developing world, the two decided to meet in person. 355 more words

Renewable Energy

Harnessing the ocean: China’s military looks to wave farms to power radar on remote islands as South China Sea disputes simmer

China has been testing one of the largest power-generating machines of its kind in the world with maximum capacity in excess of 200 kilowatts.

Stephen Chen… 825 more words

The Future of Food Trucks: Renewable Energy?

By Bill Cooney


Living in the great state of Iowa, the topic of renewable energy is never far from the headlines. Take for example earlier this week when Mid-American Energy Announced they’ll be building the… 362 more words