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Wave power could revolutionize the renewable-energy game

A 30 MegaWatt “wave farm” of Pelamis Wave Energy Converters (Credit: Business Wire)

Unless you’re a surfer, a sailor or the owner of beachfront property during hurricane season, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the power of waves.  261 more words

Renewable Energy

Fossil Fuels, We Don't Need You!

Building a society without fossil fuels is possible. We need to shake of the myth that it cannot be done. The belief that a country needs to choose between nature and development is complete rubbish. 232 more words

California blocks solar power plant to protect sheep

A solar power plant that was to be built in the Mojave Desert has been blocked by San Bernardino, California officials. It was done due to concerns expressed by environmentalists that the facility would pose a threat to Bighorn sheep, despite the fact that the animals are not considered endangered and their population stable. 360 more words

Renewable Electricity Growing Rapidly

But here, not so much. Michigan is way below average in the generation of renewable electricity, which is described in detail by a very worthwhile article… 267 more words


DIY Renewable Energy

New and very easy way anyone can become more energy independent, and cut their power bill starting this month. Visit diy home energy system review… 11 more words

DIY Renewable Energy

DIY Alternative Energy

This simple trick in this video shows you how you can cut your electric bill starting this month (some people are even reporting savings of up to 75%). 17 more words

DIY Renewable Energy

DIY Renewable Energy Systems

Simple video reveals why you are overpaying for power and what you can do this afternoon to significantly lower your energy bills. Visit diy home energy system review… 11 more words

DIY Renewable Energy