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Dyson to make electric cars by 2020

British inventor James Dyson, who is best known for his bagless vacuum cleaners, on Tuesday announced a plan to produce electric cars by 2020 with a £2.0 billion (2.3 billion euro, $2.7 billion) investment. 8 more words

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How to protect our environment with renewable energy

Ireland for many generations has been successfully growing timber for various uses.

In the last few decades, timber was grown for commercial use.   In the late 60s early 70s  chipboard started to be used in the building industry and Irish timber was ideally suitable for mulch and use in this process. 505 more words

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Multiple challenges remain to Fukushima nuclear cleanup

Japan’s government approved a revised road map Tuesday to clean up the radioactive mess left at the Fukushima nuclear power plant after it was damaged beyond repair by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. 23 more words

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Japan's Fukushima cleanup plan delays removal of fuel rods

Japan’s government on Tuesday approved a revision of its 30-to-40-year plan to decommission the Fukushima nuclear plant, delaying by three more years the removal of radioactive fuel rods stored at two of the three reactors damaged in the 2011 disaster. 8 more words

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Researchers develop wearable solar thermoelectric generator

A recent study, led by Professor Kyoung Jin Choi in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at UNIST has introduced a new advanced energy harvesting system, capable of generating electricity by simply being attached to clothes, windows, and outer walls of a building. 8 more words

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World's first dynamic grid control center

The transition to a new energy mix is making the power grid more dynamic. Siemens is coordinating a major research project designed to determine the extent to which existing control center technology can accommodate additional functions, and at which point entirely new structures and architectures will be needed. 8 more words

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Solar power alone won't solve energy or climate needs

Recent reports that solar capacity will soon exceed nuclear capacity reveal an important fact. It also hides a crucial distinction needed to understand the context of energy production, and use and consequences of choices among supply options for the future. 8 more words

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