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Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria – reveals way forward

The Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN), launched last week at the West African Power Industry Convention, unpackes how it intends to implement its set goals.

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Tanzania Home to Redavia’s Solar Academy

Tanzania now has a solar academy with Redavia’s launch of The Redavia Academy. The academy will be a premier upskilling and training facility for local partners, community members, and entrepreneurs in the East African country. 182 more words

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Dominovas Plans Power for Madagascar

Dominovas Energy Corp.’s CEO and Chairman, Neal Allen, continued discussions with the government of Madagascar for the deployment of a power plant to the island nation. 91 more words

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First US offshore wind farm to begin production within days

There has been a hiccup at the nation’s first offshore wind farm as it prepares to start delivering power.

Source: Phys.org – Energy & Green Tech News

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Germany's Largest Battery Energy Storage System (90MW) now Operational

In Germany in late November, a 90MW battery energy storage system (BESS) project was officially put into operation, and it is the largest implementation of its kind in the country. 277 more words


Student's award-winning graphene battery could slash electric-car charging times

A student engineer from the University of Sussex has won a national car industry award for designing a new battery that could revolutionise electric vehicles. 8 more words

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'Chariot' on course to deliver healthier homes and lower energy bills

Successful trials of Chariot, a unique new system that simultaneously records temperature, humidity and energy use in the home, have opened the way for low-income households to save money while reducing risks to their health. 8 more words

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