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Why Government is Not a Solution to Climate Change or Pollution

The reason the government is not a solution is because it is part of the problem. Here is why:

Part of the problem with “global warming” (actually global anthropogenic enhanced greenhouse effect) is that of burning fossil fuels. 423 more words


No Underlying Global Temperature Increase For 20 Years

By Paul Homewood


I was reminded about a paper from last year, authored by Ben Santer amongst others, Volcanic contribution to decadal changes in tropospheric temperature. 379 more words

Climate Change

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Not to worry they will make it hotter any way, what does Mother Nature know about this subject anyway!

A new term in the climate lexicon?

Forget the Middle East, Ukraine and Africa, the biggest security threat is climate fragility.   I’m sure it will be the term of choice when our inestimable Secretary of State picks it up at the G7. 115 more words

Climate Change

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Climate fragility ??? We are going to need a new dictionary to understand what the heck they are talking about?

Shedding Some Light on Renewable Energy

During any casual conversation that has come to mind, at some point oil prices has managed to sneak into topic. I had been catching up on some reading lately on clean energy and the windmill project in Kingston. 316 more words

Renewable Energy

NPPD Moves Past Coal at Sheldon Station

The Center for Rural Affairs released the following statement in response to news that Sheldon Station, the coal-fired power plant north of Hallam, Nebraska is undergoing a major transition from coal to an exciting and innovative power generation technology. 573 more words


Businesses are engaging in renewable energy

The low-carbon energy transition is seeing many changes in the way we address sustainable energy. While we often think about this in terms of individual consumers, the corporate world is also reacting, as shown in an article by the staff of the ClickGreen website. 492 more words

Renewable Energy

The distributed future is getting closer

Chris Mooney writes a good article in the Washington Post about the transition underway in our homes to change the way we get our power. Increasingly, power is coming from our rooftops. 609 more words

Renewable Energy