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Tesla Honored As 2017’s ‘Battery Innovator Of The Year’ At The International Battery Seminar

International experts in the field of battery research recognized Tesla’s contributions and cutting-edge innovations in battery technology. Tesla exec and battery expert says it’s all about implementation.  436 more words


Elon Musk has a curious new sales pitch for the Tesla Model 3

On Friday afternoon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to update the company’s pitch for the forthcoming Model 3… by tamping down expectations.

The $35,000 electric vehicle has stirred up a frenzy of interest since Tesla… 461 more words

Getting to Know Janine Benner, ODOE’s New Assistant Director for Planning and Innovation

In February, we were thrilled to welcome Janine Benner as ODOE’s new Assistant Director for Planning and Innovation. She’ll lead the team that works on energy policy and efficiency – everything from the Renewable Portfolio Standard to technical resources for schools, businesses, and more. 969 more words

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Site C Dam Construction in BC - A Political Water Grab?

Mega projects grab headlines and provide many photo opportunities for politicians.  Since the construction of the depression era Hoover Dam, these massive construction projects have historically provided for jobs and opportunity when the economy is slow.   697 more words


Energy transition in the US shows impact of wind power

There was an important development in the energy transition in the US recently. A major 14-state power pool had half of its electricity come from wind power recently. 376 more words

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Twisted German Scientists Devise Fake Sun

In a desperate attempt to save Germany’s failing renewable energy revolution, a group of depraved German scientists has devised a fake sun to keep German solar power plants running at night (one of the depraved scientists can be seen below). 111 more words


Scientists construct massive fake sun to develop new renewable energy source

Jenna Ladd | March 24, 2017

Scientists in Germany have constructed the world’s largest artificial sun in order research how to produce a developing renewable energy source. 290 more words