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Not So Bright Lights

By Craig Rucker ~

“Renewable energy” is a sexy term used to drive public policies and spending The Obama Administration and like-minded Green zealots have said repeatedly that they are waging a “war on coal,” intend to bankrupt coal-based power plants, and delay or block oil, natural gas and nuclear projects – while fast-tracking and subsidizing ethanol, wind and solar programs… 1,244 more words

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Japan’s Green Initiative Drowns In Oil

By Riley Walters ~

The government picking winners and losers is bad for any economy. But it also often leads to the opposite of the intended result. 312 more words

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It’s Time To Stop Picking Winners And Losers In The Energy Industry

By Michael Sandoval ~

Representative Mike Pompeo (R–KS) (pictured at right) hopes his new bill calling for the repeal of all energy tax credits on both conventional and renewable energy sources will level the playing field for energy producers and consumers and prevent the government from picking “winners and losers.” 455 more words

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Bankrupt DOE Loan Recipient Abound Solar Under Investigation, Panels Suffered “Catastrophic Failure”

By Michael Sandoval ~

Abound Solar, a Department of Energy $400 million loan guarantee recipient that went bankrupt earlier this year, is under investigation by officials in Weld County, Colorado. 810 more words

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Michigan’s Mandate for Pricier Energy

By Katie Tubb ~

If an energy technology has so much promise, why would you need a constitutional amendment to require its production? Energy consumers in Michigan should be asking this question. 481 more words