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A Whole Day Without Coal!

On Friday, April 21st 2017, Great Britain went 24 hours without burning coal for energy. For the first time in about 135 years, since the Industrial Revolution, Great Britain did not burn any coal, and relied purely on natural gas, nuclear energy, wind, imported energy, biomass, and solar power for the twenty-four hours without coal. 290 more words

Do you know why BigWind energy ISN'T free? Learn the answer here...

Our Ohio legislators, like Senator Cliff Hite, do NOT know this information…or if they do, they apparently don’t truly care about the Ohio constituents. WE end up paying for the problems that renewables create. 698 more words

What if AI could augment human memory?

Everyone seems to talking about AI these days.

At the TED conference this week, Siri founder Tom Gruber hinted how he thought AI would augment human memory… 198 more words


Carribean Transitionary Energy Conference 2017 - Cayman Islands


Caribbean economies suffer from some of the highest electricity prices in the world. Despite their abundance of renewable energy sources, Cayman has a relatively low level of renewable energy penetration; the economy continues to spend a large proportion of its GDP on imported fossil fuels. 71 more words


A Holocaust of Renewable Energy Investors in India

It has been over 12 months since the we have received a payment from our energy consumer, Ajmer DISCOM – owned by BJP led Rajasthan government. 500 more words


Factors to Really Contemplate Investing in Energy Stocks and Shares

In 2016, oil price tags slipped to any low regarding $26 for every barrel and also natural propane prices encountered significant strain. At the actual backside, oil traded from a 67 percent low cost to the five-year shifting average. 291 more words


Factors to Really Ponder Investing in Energy Stocks and Options

In 2016, oil prices dropped to the low regarding $26 for each barrel and also natural fuel prices experienced significant strain. At typically the backside, oil traded from a 66 percent discounted to the five-year relocating average. 292 more words