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How Eileen Flanagan Turned a Midlife Malaise into a Life with Purpose.

What do you do when you reach middle-age and realize you’re living a life that is far less fulfilling than you expected? When you become aware of the fact you’re not living the simple and idyllic life you once imagined, but something that more closely resembles the consumeristic, upward-striving lifestyle you were trying to avoid. 929 more words

Straw Straws: The drinking straw made from....well Straw Live on Kickstarter

Sometimes the most sustainable way forward is backward, and considering the environmental havoc that plastics are creating in our world, perhaps it’s time for the old-school method of making drinking straws from the stalks of rye to have its day in the sun again. 286 more words


Summer is here!

Summer heat got you down? Solar energy is a great way to save money on your utility bills, especially in the summer months. Utilizing the sun and cooling your home with solar is easier than you think. 166 more words


Bill Gates has announced he will invest $2bn (£1.3bn) in renewable technologies initiatives, but rejected calls to divest from the fossil fuel companies that are burning carbon at a rate that ignores international agreements to limit global warming. 282 more words


Take it up a peg or two

Some of our clothes pegs are starting to show their age… They’re over two decades old and the plastic is disintegrating, leaving a fine plastic powder on everything they touch — yuck! 87 more words

Low-impact Living

Will the falling oil price undermine green energy?

Common sense would surely tell you that if you slash the cost of one source of energy, then alternatives look less appealing.

You might think, therefore, that the crash in the price of oil must be dealing a potentially fatal blow to renewable power. 243 more words