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BigWind in Iowa raising electricity prices and scamming taxpayers. Will Ohio investigate?

Iowa brings BigWind ‘negative pricing’ to the mainstream discussion and it is about time! The American people need to understand the TRUTH about what BigWind does to our electricity prices and reliability. 639 more words

Cuban hospital benefits from renewable energy use

Cuba, Mar 27 – The Juan Bruno Zayas General Hospital benefits from the installation of the largest photovoltaic rooftop park in the country, which has saved diesel consumption with an impact on the protection of the environment. 316 more words


Renewable Energy Bidding forum 2017- India's first legal & Taxation event

Renewable Energy Bidding  forum aims to address new challenges in terms renewable contract, contract management and administration, power purchase agreement pros and cons and assessing the risks involved in the  project contracts & bidding. 84 more words


‘Moore’s law’ for carbon would defeat global warming

A plan to halve carbon emissions every decade, while green energy continues to double every five years, provides a simple but rigorous roadmap to tackle climate change, scientists say


Sustainability साप्ताहिक

How many of you have seen a sudden upsurge of the word “Sustainability” or “Renewable” in the recent past? This is not something that happened just out of no where but a result of years of exploitation of the natural resources for our greed without a slight consideration for our future generation. 538 more words


Energy Technology Market Overview and Innovation Quadrant - Q1 2017

The following post highlights how Venture Scanner categorizes the Energy Technology startup landscape, and presents our Innovation Quadrant showing how those categories compare to one another. 463 more words