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Heat Recovery from an Air Compressor

On the whole most of us are quite aware of the considerable savings that can be accomplished by wise use and recovery of energy.   One way that a plant can save substantially is to capture the energy that an electric motor adds to the compressed air from the air compressor.  482 more words


Tesla's giant battery reduces grid service costs by 90 percent

Tesla’s wind-powered system responds faster than the traditional grid back up and reduces the power outage costs by 90 percent.

Usually, when there is a fault in the Australian power grid or maintenance is required, the energy market operator calls the frequency control and ancillary services (FCAS) – a service which consists of costly, fossil fuel-powered backup systems. 98 more words

Good News

Argument to the doubtful but willing Donor

The Solid-state Electric Generator is combined of two principals that of a Transformer and of a Permanent Magnetic Generator.

The transformer part transforms input voltage from one level to another but losses about 25% of its input power in the process. 296 more words


Africa's Renewable Energy

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The Mobile Solar Kiosk, invented by Rwanda’s Henri Nyakarundi, is one of 10 renewable energy startups highlighted by Africa.com.

Great ideas for renewable energy are blooming in Africa, where it’s important that energy be both accessible and affordable. 451 more words


Thirty-two years ago, Chernobyl was the site of the biggest nuclear disaster the planet has ever seen. A nuclear accident released the radioactive equivalent of ten atom bombs into the Northern Ukrainian and Belarusian countryside, causing the total evacuation of the city and dozens of surrounding villages. 262 more words