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This is why we can't just say "NO" to this guy!

Personally, I think that, a 100 % renewable energy future is possible, and even attainable. But this is not what some other professionals like or believe in. 379 more words


DARPA and the Living Home

As home ownership and repair becomes an increasingly expensive and time-consuming affair, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has embarked on a program mission of creating building materials that have living organism attributes. 83 more words


2017 clean energy investments reached $333 billion

New analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), published yesterday, show that, last year clean energy investments reached $333.5 billion. That is 3% more than 2016 global investment. 396 more words


Learning Points from Robert Swan's TED Talk on "Let's Save the Last Pristine Continent"

I was inspired to watch this talk after seeing my friend return from a trip to Antarctica. Robert Swan, who reached both the north and south poles, implores us not to exploit Antarctica, the same way the north pole has fallen in the hands of people who are taking advantage of the ice melt. 95 more words

TED Talk

Resiliency as a Service - Concept

Today’s electrical infrastructure is brittle. Points of failure abound, a consequence of centralized generation mated with an antiquated and chronically underfunded network of sub-stations, transmission and distribution lines delivering electrons to market. 1,282 more words


Tesla's 3rd massive battery in Australia is about to happen

But this time in the Australian state, Queensland. Of course, success leads to another.

After completing the first 100-MW battery and signing another 20-MW battery in South Australia, Tesla may build a massive battery in Queensland larger than the first two. 157 more words


19 Ways to Save Energy + Save You $1,040

Saving on electricity is not only good for the environment, but also good for your wallet. Saving on energy cuts down the costs you have to pay every month, leaving you with extra cash to spend on, well, whatever you’d like! 278 more words