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Thanks Coal, You've Been Great

Coal gets a bad rap. Those of you who know me are probably freaking out right now, has Ella lost her mind?!?

But it’s true. Coal has been awesome. 420 more words


Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, And Storage Review | Green Power Learning

Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage Review SAJ Video Making Ammonia From Renewable Energy Resources: Technology Options and Economic Modeling The MIT Energy Initiative: Sustainable Energy and Terawatt-Scale Photovoltaics Energy at HANNOVER MESSE The Energy Internet Explained, with Jeremy Rifkin The Next Phase in Large-Scale Solar Thermal Power Generation Energy and Environmental Technologies Alternative Power, Use Constant And Renewable Energy Use HoJo Magnetic Motor Energy 101: Electricity Generation Renewable Energy for FREE! 74 more words

Trains already 100% Wind Powered in Holland

Initially, trains in the Netherlands were set to run entirely on renewable energy by 2018. However, it seems officials have been able to beat that goal by an entire year. 80 more words

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Gov. Kasich leaving Ohioans a legacy of HIGHER ELECTRICITY RATES

The article, below, demonstrates what has happened in Massachusetts, as a result to adding renewables onto the electricity grid. What is the biggest difference with Ohio? 336 more words

Solar-powered Mushroom Farming Project 01: Overview

: Written by Andy Han

In many parts of the world, booming agricultural practices, while benefitting many, have incurred substantial environmental degradation. With the world population expected to grow even further, it is… 217 more words



The year is January 2017, 177 years since the end of the industrial revolution and the planet’s climate has never been harsher. Man has mined into the earth, the atmosphere and the biggest driver of this revolution, was his mind. 2,380 more words