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Nicaragua's Renewable Energy Revolution Picks Up Steam

Nicaragua produces no oil, but is a land of fierce winds, tropical sun and rumbling volcanoes. In other words, it’s a renewable energy paradise — and today the Central American nation is moving quickly to become a green energy powerhouse. 32 more words


Solar Panels ? Clean Renewable Energy For Free

Do you know that the earth we live in receives more energy from the sun in one hour than the earth’s population uses in a year! 32 more words


Perspective on sustainability...a facebook comment worth putting up

So this was from a Facebook discussion between me and some other friends who were arguing that a renewable energy target of 50% by 2030 in Australia was completely unfeasible.  787 more words


Here's what a day in your life might look like without clean water

Every day, thousands of Americans roll out of bed and begin their daily morning routine the same way: With a trip down the hall to the bathroom.  186 more words


Apple announces wave power R&D investment in Ireland : TreeHugger

In the past few years – ever since Tim Cook became CEO, really – Apple has been cleaning up its act on the environmental front. They’ve eliminated many toxins from their products, made them more recyclable, and have invested big bucks into clean energy and conservation. 64 more words


Join Legal Action

If you are interested in joining our legal action against Dean Moodley because you have lost money due to no service after months, have equipment that doesn’t work or is only partially installed, or have had him change terms to suit his company after a binding agreement, please email. 18 more words

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