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Reflections and preparations

Grand Challenges, what is it?

Planet Earth faces major environmental challenges in the 21st Century. The human population is growing rapidly, placing strains on biodiversity, ecosystem services, food security, health, wealth and quality of life.

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Grand Challenges

The Beginnings

In the infamous words of Rudolf Clausius and William Thomson:

“Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed” – 1850.

But within the realms of our global energy crisis, is it possible to bypass this fundamental law and create an energy means that would enable us to reconcile the relationship between human development and the health of our planet?

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Renewable Energy: Potentials of Wind Power

Did you know? Wind in windy locations alone could reportedly power the world 6 to 15 times over. Even better, wind power is projected to save utility customers around the world billions of dollars years down the road.

Amanda Sung

The Future of Solar Power

Solar Panels Now

You may know solar panels as those black things on your roof that convert sun into power. The proper name for these things is photo-voltaic (PV) panels. 280 more words