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California blocks solar power plant to protect sheep

A solar power plant that was to be built in the Mojave Desert has been blocked by San Bernardino, California officials. It was done due to concerns expressed by environmentalists that the facility would pose a threat to Bighorn sheep, despite the fact that the animals are not considered endangered and their population stable. 360 more words

Tesla’s Acceleration Absurdity, Trump’s Hollow Science, JB Straubel On V2G… (Top 20 CleanTechnica Articles of the Week)

Here are the 20 CleanTechnica articles from the past week that apparently tickled your fancy the most (“you” being the collective CleanTechnica reader community): How The Hell Did Tesla Get The Model S Landboat To Go 0–60 MPH In 2.5 Seconds? 79 more words

Tech Giant Baidu Now Testing All-New Self-Driving EVs

As part of its push to have fully autonomous vehicles ready for use by 2018 (for eventual use in a public shuttle service), the Chinese tech giant Baidu has begun testing specially modified all-electric Chery EQs in China, according to recent reports. 54 more words

Renewables = 43% Of New Electricity Capacity In USA In H1 2016 (CleanTechnica Electricity Report)

It’s time for CleanTechnica‘s quarterly electricity report, which now includes both a capacity report and a generation report (we used to publish these separately). The grid continues to get cleaner and cleaner. 76 more words

US EIA: Natural Gas CO2 Emissions Surpassing Coal Emissions

Originally published on Planetsave. For the first time since 1972, energy-associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from coal are dropping below natural gas CO2 emissions. The US Energy Information Agency’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook reports that energy-related CO2 emissions from natural gas are expected to be 10% higher than coal emissions for 2016. 46 more words

Interview with Ryan Popple, CEO Of Proterra (CleanTechnica Exclusive)

If you don’t know Ryan Popple yet, you should. In terms of movers and shakers in cleantech, Popple is a formidable force for good. A former partner at the VC firm Kleiner Perkins whose investment management areas primarily focused on late stage cleantech transportation firms, Popple also served as Senior Director of Finance at Tesla [&hellip… 41 more words

Light-Rail Ridership Explodes In Seattle Supporting A 3rd Phase Of Sound Transit

Originally published on Bikocity. Driving in Seattle or from Seattle to areas in the Puget Sound is a drive in congestion — a drive in overwhelming lanes and lanes of cars. 77 more words