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Who Benefits If Russian Oil Sanctions End?

The idea of the president of any normal country also owning one of its largest assets and using his office to protect it seems outrageous. Putin used his position to gain wealth for himself and a small group of cronies, and is trying to prevent sanctions from reducing the value of that wealth… 37 more words

Childhood Leukemia And Oil & Gas Development Strongly Associated, Research Finds

There’s a strong association between the diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia amongst children and levels of nearby oil and natural gas development, new research from the Colorado School of Public Health at CU Anschutz has found… 44 more words

R&C04 - Remunicipalisation of energy systems - Part 2

In Germany, there is a strong movement to claim the gas, electricity and heating networks back from private corporations. Initiated by civil organisations, they are pushing the political arena to take action towards a… 815 more words


Hidden Taxes

Americans pay billions of dollars each year in hidden taxes. No one asked for them. No one voted for them. No legislature passed them into law. 70 more words

Tesla Enters Dubai (As We Scooped Last Month), Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority Agrees To Purchase 200 Vehicles For Use As Taxis (Wow!)

In January, one month ahead of time, we got the scoop on Tesla entering the UAE this month. We also heard that the vice ruler of Dubai has a Tesla Supercharger at his home to charge up his Model S. 86 more words

California DMV Stats On Cruise’s (GM’s) Self-Driving Car Tech Show Solid Improvement

Detailed statistics on Cruise’s (GM’s) self-driving vehicle testing efforts in California, as provided by the company to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, recently came to my attention (tip of the hat to “Qinsp” on the GM-Volt.com forum). 67 more words

IIHS Ratings For 2017 Chevy Volt & 2017 Toyota Prius Prime In Top Category, Tesla Model S Working On It (Videos)

As you may have heard by now, the 2016 Tesla Model S wasn’t chosen by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as a “Top Safety Pick” during the most resent testing round. 86 more words