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More Than Ever, We Need A Strong EPA

With the EPA’s essential work under serious threat, we thought the time was right to revisit the landmark EPA achievements that have kept our drinking water clean and our air safe to breathe. 39 more words

Another Tipping Point For Coal: Big Oil Eyeballs Big Wind

President Trump keeps promising to bring back coal jobs, but success drifts further out of reach as big oil sets its sights on wind energy development… 43 more words

Connie Hedegaard: “I wish that European institutions would focus more on climate and environmental questions to show the value of the EU to EU citizens.”

This week, Tobias Engelmeier interviewed Connie Hedegaard, First chair of the Board for the KR Foundation, a large Danish climate and sustainability foundation operating globally… 73 more words

Los Angeles International Airport Now Has Zero-Emissions Utility Shuttle (ZEUS) Buses From WallyPark’s Lots

When I notice a large city vehicle that is fully electric or a utility truck that is electric or even a hybrid, I breathe a sigh of relief. 74 more words

Uber Suspends Self-Driving Vehicle Testing Following Accident In Arizona (Other Vehicle’s Driver At Fault)

Uber has temporarily suspended its self-driving vehicle testing following an accident in Tempe, Arizona, according to recent reports. To be clear, though, Uber’s self-driving Volvo wasn’t at fault — the driver of a different vehicle (that caused the crash) failed to yield to the Uber Volvo… 53 more words

Nissan’s Electric Vehicles — Resilient Power & Mobile Emergency Backup

I like the breeze off the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s sometimes too strong — the summer hurricane season is upon us, and who knows what’s around the corner? 99 more words

Kauai Goes Solar

Tesla is helping Kauai in Hawai’i get rid of fossil fuels by going solar. A solar farm will generate 13MW of electricity and store excess in 272 large commercial batteries. 99 more words