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Harvard Study: Greenery In Your Neighborhood Cuts Women’s Mortality Rates

Green, in my experience, starts with childhood. Nothing compares with climbing trees as a child. A close second was laying flat on my back in the yard or woods behind my house and cloud gazing. 70 more words

Tesla Prepares New Model 3 Graphic To Help Sell Model S

Tesla has prepared a graphic that gives its sales staff a list of talking points they can use when discussing the purchase of a new Tesla with prospective customers. 43 more words

Wave Energy’s Potential For British Columbia

Since 2001, there have been several inquiries into the plausibility of harnessing the wave energy off Vancouver Island. So far, projects were rejected because of the associated costs. 59 more words

Vancouver Island’s Struggle For Sustainable Forestry

When Island Timberlands arrived in 2012, they found Cortes island residents waiting behind a blockade. The Vancouver Observer sent a young film maker to cover the story, but Daniel Pierce found more than just another clash between a logging company and local environmentalists. 37 more words

More Coal Will Only Result In More Poverty, Reports Oxfam

Increasing the number of coal mines will only increase the level of global poverty stemming from the consequences of increased climate change and the direct impact coal mining and burning has on local communities. 43 more words

Australia’s Renewable Energy Agency Commits $20 Million To Boosting Solar PV R&D

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency announced this week that it is committing $20 million in funding to boost the growth of solar PV research and development in an effort to make solar PV more affordable, efficient, and competitive. 50 more words

Solar-Friendly Florida Utility Hammers Trump On Coal Policy

While President Trump is away trying to impress global leaders, solar friendly FPL is busy undercutting his rhetoric on coal

Solar-Friendly Florida Utility Hammers Trump On Coal Policy… 31 more words