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Nearly 500,000 Resumes & Applications For 2,500 Tesla Job Openings In 2017

Getting a coveted job at Tesla isn’t easy. Elon Musk once said, “if you’re at Tesla, you’re choosing to be at the equivalent of Special Forces. 50 more words

Tesla’s Social Media Explosion — Rappers, Roadsters, & Falcon-Wing Doors

Tesla is a completely unique auto brand.

Instead of spending money on advertising (like every other auto brand), Tesla spends money on making its products better. 29 more words

Audi E-Tron GT & E-Tron Quattro Details Emerge, Will Be Based On Porsche Mission E

Audi will build two electric cars based on the Porsche Mission E chassis — the E-Tron GT, a four-door sedan, and the E-tron Quatrro, an electric SUV. 19 more words

Black Ministers In Virginia Tell Koch Brothers To Shove Their Petrodollars

A campaign by the Koch Brothers in Virginia that tried to sell blacks on the advantages of fossil fuels has backfired and led to greater political activism in communities of color. 15 more words

Efficient Wood Burning — Rocket Stoves, Masonry Heaters, & Dakota Fire Pits

The burning of wood and biomass has gotten something of a bad reputation amongst some in the environmental community in recent years, despite the fact that well-managed woodland biomass production and use is probably as close to carbon-neutral as you can get when factoring in full-lifecycle costs and impacts (especially those from the mining sector) 15 more words

Insulation R-Value — What Is It Exactly? Which Materials Are The Best Rated?

When someone is talking about the “R-value” of an insulation material, what are they talking about exactly? What does the term refer to specifically? And how does one determine what it is… 15 more words

How A Handful Of Community Organizers Got NYC To Take On One Of The Most Powerful Industries On Earth

Some people start the new year by pledging to give up carbs or hit the gym. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio kicked off 2018 by declaring war on the oil industry. 23 more words