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Pedestrians & Cyclists Add To Vancouver’s Downtown Businesses

Contrary to what some urban business owners expected, the global shift to alternate transportation has not adversely effected their revenue streams. A new report shows the transition taking place in British Columbia, where pedestrians & cyclists contribute to Vancouver’s downtown businesses.  40 more words

Turkish power ship proposed for Adelaide 

The dash for renewables in South Australia has gone so badly wrong that crisis measures are now called for, as PEI reports.

A large-scale temporary power solution is being considered, as South Australia struggles to ensure its energy security. 207 more words


Canada Is Now 1.7 Degrees Warmer Than In 1948

Average global temperatures keep rising. While 2016 is the warmest year on record, the previous record was set in 2015 and, before that, 2014. A new joint report from Health Canada and the Science Media Centre of Canada (SMCC) puts this into perspective… 37 more words

Sparking Grid Savings at Home Report: Part 1 – Big Potential Savings

New technology, particularly in the hands of electric customers, is creating an unprecedented opportunity to move beyond air conditioners and tap the many other sources of controllable electricity demand in homes and businesses. 43 more words

Suniva Dispute Could Devastate US Solar Industry, Cutting Two-Thirds Of Expected Installations Through 2022

If the US Government and its International Trade Commission rules in favor of a recent trade dispute filed by Chinese-backed US solar PV manufacturer Suniva, then the country’s solar industry would be immediately devastated, and could see two-thirds of expected installations over the next five years erased.  49 more words

US Commercial Buildings Could Cut Energy Use 29% With Widespread Controls

A new report by the US Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has concluded that widespread use of building controls across the country could cut energy consumption by an average of 29%, or the equivalent electricity used by 12 to 15 million Americans.  43 more words