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The Tories faulty logic on nuclear

The Tories are overwhelmingly pro-nuclear, but their reasons for this stance don’t add up.

Now many in the party will claim, oh that’s because we want “ 771 more words


Living Off Grid

Living off-grid is an aspiration for many people. You may want to ‘grow your own’ electricity and not be reliant on electricity companies. You may live in the middle of nowhere and be unable to get an outside electricity supply. 1,823 more words

Carbon Emissions

Making and Saving Money with Solar

Creating energy with solar is not only environmentally friendly, it can also be good for your bank account too. Whether you are considering solar as a way of offsetting your electricity bill in your home or business, or if you are considering a solar installation to avoid the high cost of connection to the electricity grid, solar can often save you money. 875 more words

Michael Boxwell

At Last: Non-Toxic, Cheap Thin-Film Solar Cells for 'Zero Energy' Buildings

Until now, the promise of ‘zero-energy’ buildings been held back by two hurdles: the cost of the thin-film solar cells (used in façades, roofs and windows), and the fact they’re made from scarce, and highly toxic, materials. 108 more words


Closing the California Clean Energy Divide: Reducing Electric Bills in Affordable Multifamily Rental Housing with Solar+Storage

Clean Energy Group

Battery storage is emerging as an effective new strategy for reducing electricity costs for affordable multifamily rental housing in California. Battery storage systems not only provide economic returns today, they can also preserve the value of solar in an evolving policy and regulatory environment. 187 more words

Energy And Climate

The 100% club

Recently Portugal has managed to pass that key milestone of achieving 100% of its electricity from renewables over several days, an improvement on the 70% of a few years ago. 1,243 more words


There's a logical reason why Africa's renewables landscape is better than a lot of much richer places

Renewables in Africa make sense in one big way. In much of the continent, grids don’t yet exist to carry power from a huge thermal generator to all the corners where it’s consumed. 336 more words