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Hinkley Point of No Return?

I find that one aspect which is sadly lacking from the discussion about whether or not the UK needs Hinkley Point C, is the new opportunities provided by smart grids and energy storage. 420 more words


Nuclear and Renewables: Georgia is Zeroed-In on Zero-Carbon

Nuclear and Renewables:
Georgia is Zeroed-In on Zero-Carbon

Good news on nuclear and renewables coming out of Georgia as the Georgia Public Service Commission voted to preserve nuclear energy as a future option for the state by approving… 214 more words

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Global Mining: Companies relying more on renewable energy

Mining companies are increasingly looking to renewable energy to meet their power needs, as the subdued mineral price environmentis incentivising firms to reduce reliance on more expensive diesel or distant, unreliable electricity grid systems, states research firm BMI Research. 370 more words


Dominican Republic’s Roadmap to a Renewable Future

Creating a sustainable future is the responsibility of all countries, and that includes allocating a greater share of the world’s energy mix to renewables. A new IRENA report, … 447 more words


Powering the earth - the SUNNY way

Sun,our nearest star, is responsible for life on planet earth. No food chain could have started without it and thus no energy could have got trapped in form of coal, petroleum and natural gas. 866 more words

Journey’s End: Solar Impulse Lands in Abu Dhabi

It’s been a long and exciting journey but after more than 16 months, of which over 500 hours were spent in the air, Solar Impulse 2… 794 more words