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Energy 2031: The Game

It is 2019 and a third of the world’s energy still relies on coal…

By 2030, all coal power plants must be gone.

Feeling up to the task??



New Jersey Governor Signs New Bills That Bolster Nuclear, Wind, Solar In The State

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation this week that aims to bolster the state’s zero-emission energy generation portfolio including nuclear, solar, wind and storage, citing climate change at the top of the new bill as the imperative behind the action… 17 more words

US Offshore Wind Revolution Sets 5 Gigawatt Target In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & New Jersey

A trio of announcements from the northeast United States has set the country’s nascent offshore wind industry ablaze, with Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey combining to make announcements that will support the development of at least 5 gigawatts (GW) worth of offshore wind energy over the next decade… 17 more words

Musk Slams Journalists & Big Oil In Twitter Storm

Elon Musk went on a Twitter rampage yesterday, saying negative press attention about Tesla is driven by Big Oil and the auto industry. Is he right… 12 more words

Clean Energy & DER Portfolios More Cost-Effective Than Natural Gas Replacements Worth $500 Billion

A new report from the Rocky Mountain Institute has shown that investing in “clean energy portfolios” made up of clean energy sources and distributed energy resources is a more cost-effective method of replacing aging fossil fuel-powered power plants in America than replacing them with new gas-fired power plants.  17 more words

MIT Engineers Develop Unmanned Flying Robot To Monitor The World’s Oceans

MIT engineers have designed a wind-powered unmanned nautical air-water vehicle that they plan to fly around the world to monitor the oceans of the world… 15 more words

Renault & Nissan Have A Difficult But Potentially Very Rewarding Journey Ahead

Renault and Nissan integration will be a difficult path. The financial markets prefer a simple single company with one set of shares and one top management structure and don’t care much how the internal structure of the company is functioning… 15 more words