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Siemens' plans to open wind power-to hydrogen conversion plant

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Siemens will open a plant that converts wind energy to hydrogen thus allowing capture and storage of electricity from a renewable power source. 125 more words

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The International Relations of the Green Economy in the Gulf: Lessons from the UAE's State-led Energy Transition

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies / by Mari Luomi

In this study, Mari Luomi examines how the resource-rich GCC countries are positioning themselves in the international relations of the green economy, focusing on the UAE’s state-led efforts to acquire the means of implementation for a national green energy transition. 167 more words

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Study: Wind energy costs three times more than coal

Some not altogether surprising news reported by The Daily Caller. While EPA rules and regulations are shutting down hundreds of coal-fired plants, replacing such power sources with wind farms and natural gas fired plants will ratchet up the cost to three times the amount for America consumers. 369 more words

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Google converting Alabama coal-fired power plant to renewable-powered data center

Search engine extraordinaire Google is spending $600 million to convert the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Widows Creek, soon-to-be retired, coal-fired power plant in northeast Alabama to a renewable energy-powered data center. 142 more words

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Did green madness help create the Greek debt crisis?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The unfolding Greek financial crisis is front page news. The repercussions – bank runs, unsustainable debts, deadlocked creditors – could easily lead to major consequences worldwide. 297 more words

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Lawrence Solomon: We’re technological laggards

(June 29, 2015) Google, Apple and other so-called technology companies don’t look like much compared to the giants of a century ago. 1,058 more words

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Environmentally Friendly Business Park opens in Bristol

Filwood Green Business Park is being hailed as the most environmentally friendly commercial building in the West of England.  The idea came from local residents, and before opening in May 2015 it had already gained a Breeam outstanding certificate for its green credentials. 291 more words

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