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Renewables VIII - Transmission Costs And Outsourcing Renewable Generation

With the big growth, or planned growth, in wind and solar in many countries you need to connect up new windfarms and solar arrays with people. 2,002 more words


Energy Storage Study: Funding and and Knowledge Sharing Priorities

AECOM for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency

[Computer World] An energy storage study claims that prices for certain battery technologies will plunge by as much as 60% over the next five years. 83 more words

Energy And Climate

Building Energy Access Markets: A Value Chain Analysis of Key Energy Market Systems

European Union Energy Initiative

[GreenBiz] Developing nations encounter multifaceted challenges when they seek to create clean-energy infrastructure…Development professionals can use the framework in this report to identify solutions on a nation-by-nation basis. 25 more words

Energy And Climate

Renewable power

I was pleased (and surprised) to recently discover that during Q1 of 2015, over 20% of the UK’s energy production was generated from renewable sources. The main contributors were solar, wind (onshore and offshore) and biomass. 363 more words

Achieving 50 Percent Renewable Electricity in California

Union of Concerned Scientists / by James H. Nelson and Laura M. Wisland

Key findings
• The modeling demonstrates that California can integrate 50 percent renewable energy into our electricity mix by 2024, faster than envisioned by current state proposals. 300 more words

Energy And Climate

World energy use and renewable energy potential according to IPCC

By 2050, Earth will be home to nine to ten billion people. Most of those people will aspire to a higher standard of living, and in poor countries, this will mean more demand for energy supplies. 455 more words

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