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Power Play

Looking for a new position in Banking does not take up all my time. In ‘Practical Credit’ I’m going to allocate some to my thoughts on developments in the corporate world. 772 more words


Businesses Are Eager to Tap into Energy Savings with Tesla Batteries

While the debate rages on about how practical a Tesla Powerwall battery-as-appliance is for the average consumer household, businesses are already signing up to explore opportunities afforded by sustainable energy storage systems. 973 more words


Holland Prize Patrol - new furnace winner

Apr 15, 2015

Brian Everitt from Holland won a brand new energy efficient furnace! He participated in the Holland Energy Prize Competition by getting a furnace tune up and was randomly selected as the winner. 174 more words

Holland City Residents

Safe Climate

Climate change is real and here. Now!

Every year that goes by without action by government, we slide closer towards irreversible damage to our environment, societal breakdown and economic disaster. 60 more words


The beginning of a journey...

Over the last few weeks, I have contacted three installers and got in quotes to install a solar panel system.  In the course of evaluating the quotes, I have learned a lot about solar panels, both in terms of technology and also the regulatory network driving uptake.  41 more words

Photovoltaic Panels

The Madness Of Germany’s Energy Socialism

By Paul Homewood




Or “How Gabriel promotes the planned economy”. 


There was a time when I regarded Germany as a pragmatic country! 1,028 more words

Climate Change

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. . Meanwhile operators of ultra-modern gas power generation plants like Irsching are planning to shut them down because pro-renewables regulations force them to be unprofitable.

90% Renewable Electricity By 2015 Is Uruguay’s Goal

Uruguay announced it could increase its wind power capacity by 800 MW. In the beginning of January a new goal was publicized: 90% of all its electricity from renewables by 2015.

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