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Revived, Renewed, Restored

Letting go of the past is always the hardest. How do you let go of what you’re used to? Where do you even start? Will it even be worth it? 406 more words



She was a runner.

That’s all she knew how to do.

In the midst of all the blues and misguided clues, there was never confrontation because of certain situations she was afraid of. 203 more words

#Haiku - Lost And Found

The day felt so long

Lost in the deepest of thoughts

She’d emerge stronger

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Reflection... Poetry!

Take all prospects, immortality and place them to the side-
Alone, I stand carrying every burden that I can no longer hide-
Eliminate the moon, the stars and all of the scars, leaving nothing but my reflection from within and afar- 147 more words

A Memento

It’s okay not to talk about anything. It’s okay that no one wants to listen to the social banters or the fact that climate change can affect everyone’s mood is not as surprising as it may seem. 221 more words


Just a little bit of down time works wonders for the mind

If you read my frantic post yesterday, you’ll know I was pacing the inside of a cage. I longed for just a little time of my own and just like I promised myself yesterday, I took it. 731 more words

Raw And Real

Letting Go

“Iwanan na ninyo ang dating pamumuhay. Hubarin na ninyo ang inyong dating pagkatao na napapahamak dahil sa masasamang pagnanasa. Magbago na kayo ng diwa at pag-iisip; at ang dapat ninyong isuot ay ang bagong pagkatao na nilikhang kalarawan ng Diyos, at nahahayag sa matuwid at banal na pamumuhay ayon sa katotohanan.” 494 more words