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in order - en ordre

Time to try some French. I am not sure whether it is the right expression. Feel free to correct me.

With the urge of people to sit outside and enjoy the mild climate of Brittany and at the same time a high likelihood of rain, the outdoor tables and chairs are quite often stowed away. 47 more words


dummy porn

Shop windows are an interesting and inspiring object for photography in Rennes. Many shops in the center are quite fancy, window displays well designed.

What amazes me with this dummy are the details of the hand with the veins clearly replicated. 63 more words


S'trip'15: Brittany

I stayed in Rennes, the capital of the Britanny region, for three days. The day I arrived, there was a chill out zone set up in the main square with deck chairs, palm trees and live music – and they were giving out free mint tea. 692 more words


a day with two faces

When I got out this morning – what a surprise: fog. It was cold last night and the fog certainly made it feel like autumn has arrived. 67 more words


lush and rush

While I was standing in the entrance to a yard, enjoying the view, people walked by busy with their errands.

“Lush and rush” is actually quite a good description of Rennes if you interpret lush is a broad sense – so much to see, sometimes to smell, many new impressions to absorb, in the center it appears like frozen in time. 14 more words


follow the music

Today was mostly a rainy day – what that actually means in Rennes will be subject of at least one post of its own. It is end of August and it feels like end of September, if not October. 139 more words


My first breakfast

As I am still on Turkish time, one hour ahead, I got up early and walked out for a breakfast. It is quite cool and some drizzle. 44 more words