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Photo of the photo

The other day I took the picture of the poster advertising the photo exhibition. This time the reflected traffic and car lights inspired me.

Then I walked around, bent, stood on my toes to get the right traffic light on the right spot on or near the face. 65 more words


Along the Vilaine towards Cesson-Sévigné

The Vilaine, one of the two rivers in Rennes, is on a sunny Sunday morning in early fall full of active people: either jogging, biking, rowing, kayaking or fishing. 118 more words


A pair of shoes

Since two days this pair of shoes is standing here, in the corridor of our school building. It is just odd. Who did leave them here? 87 more words


Time travel with the R4

The younger folks of you and those not from Europe most likely do not know this car and cannot understand my excitement. There is still one – an R4, a Renault 4. 40 more words


water colors

In case you are regular visitor you may wonder why there are so many posts with water. One reason is that I lived the last three years in a city without a river, though located at the Caspian Sea. 90 more words


Out of the bus

Rennes has a great public transportation system with a vest netwokr of buses and one metro line, with a second one currently under construction. Most of my transportation needs are currently served by the buses and hopefully in near fiture also by bike. 95 more words


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Spaghetti

September 1991, it was a beautiful morning over the Breton Capital. I had left behind the hills of Glenveagh National Park, my first real summer job, for another, scarier adventure: independence and freedom. 839 more words