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G #7 - Mr. Dude

Reno: “The bear is supposed to be naked! It’s a wild animal!”

 Originally Published: 4/4/09 . 7 pages

Mr. Dude is an actual bear I own, just like Mr. 1,491 more words

Rufus J.

#169 - How Irvine Got His Groove Back

Irvine: “I’d rather finish the maze myself and fail, than follow your stupid, lazy ass through the bushes!”

Originally Published: 4/5/06 . 35 pages

Synopsis… 7,929 more words

#149 - Three Heads Are Better Than One

Irvine: “Dude… I must be wasted… ‘Cause I’m seein’ double!”

Originally Published: 12/12/05 . 23 pages

Synopsis 5,563 more words

#147 - Beary Big Problems

Rude: “…Mr. Jingles just pooped on your rug.”

Originally Published: 12/06/05 . 11 pages
When Rufus can’t find Mr. Jingles and finds a real bear in his place, he thinks Mr. 2,218 more words


#138 - The Monster Mash Fiasco

Alcuard: *hand to head* “Kill me. I know it’s impossible, but find a way.”

Originally Published: 9/19/05 . 37 pages

Synopsis 7,441 more words

#124 - Fat Becomes Her

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! I think I ate my fork!”

Originally Published: 7/11/04 . 21 pages

Seymour’s friend, LeBlanc, comes for a visit and falls in love with Heidegger! 4,316 more words