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Day 161: Project 1896 (Our Home Renovation) – Color and Crises of Confidence

Oops, I did it again. It’s kind of ironic that I sat down to write a post in part about color and that big blue ‘publish’ button did me in again. 1,344 more words


Krud Kutter + Pollution

Getting all the pollution off the Motorhome with Krud Kutter.


Day 140: Project 1896 (Our Home Renovation)

At the risk of beating a horse that is no longer among the living, things are really starting to accelerate around here. Good golly, I can’t even walk out the door without someone pulling me back into the construction zone for ‘just a few quick questions.’ And it’s always when I’m about to walk out the door and am in a hurry to get somewhere. 962 more words


Le Derrière

The renovation of the utility room at the rear of our home in Daglan is now complet, it took a while but I am so happy with the result. 188 more words


Done! Philadelphia Attic Duplex Reno

IN CASE ANYONE HAS BEEN WONDERING, the Philadelphia renovation in a c.1810 row house that commanded much of my attention and most of my resources last winter was finally finished in May. 350 more words