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Where were you in 1985?

Since 1985, Bradshaw Construction has met the challenges of complex structural building, restoration and renovation as shown here during the reconstruction of the New Canaan Congregational Church bell tower and steeple. 107 more words


People Say Don't Sweat The Little Stuff. I Say, It's ALL About the Little Stuff.

The new interior doors came with a default brass hinge. The GC knew from the get-go I didn’t want brass and I asked him a thousand times – don’t you change them BEFORE the painter comes? 309 more words

Let A Renovation Begin (Or I Must Be Out of My Mind)

If you own an old house and are used to doing your own renovations this will ring true with you.  A few months ago I was moving things around in the upstairs rooms and cleaning out some closets with a shop vac when I accidentally got too close to the wall and ripped an entire, full sheet of wallpaper off of the wall.   283 more words


Does It Count As A Night Sleep if You See 12:41, 1:53, 2:23, 3:17, 4:05, then Decide, What the Heck and Get Up at 5:01?

Stressed over the last hunk of change to pay the builder, not to mention the bonus costs of new gutters, repairing the well, and ka-ching to repair all the landscaping damage from equipment, I’m not sleeping all that well. 169 more words


Friday Renovation Roundup

Things are percolating here in Bedford, aiming at crossing the renovation finish line by April 1. And by finish line, I really don’t mean finish-finish, I mean the contractor is paid, the C.O. 1,088 more words


More haste less speed

So I’ve not been very good at keeping my blog up to date lately. There’s just been so much happening, I’ve struggled for time. It does mean I have a few things I can tell you about though. 326 more words


Just Call Me A Sedimental Old Fool

I am sure there’s something major league wrong with our well filtering system, and maybe the well too.

The red boxes show the sandy silt that was caked onto the filter such that the filter had to be forcibly removed from the housing. 1,020 more words