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Blog Renovation for a New Season

Hi blog-o-sphere!

One year ago I wrote the last published post about getting ready for our little guy. So much has changed in the last year, and now I’m finally lifting my head it into the sun, and beginning to adjust to our new normal. 117 more words


Floor Show

Ta da, dust and all. Some depth of color, not too brown, not too red – some character as well that not every board looks the same. 608 more words


Bedroom Inspiration

We’re in the final stages of designing our new place before moving, and my mind is now focusing on paint colours and furniture! While we will be ordering everything in stages to account for time to save up, I want to have a good overall picture of how I want things to look before we make any decisions. 808 more words


Behind the screen

Ryan from RJB Developments has put up a large new sign across my front yard.  I quite like it.  Red is one of my favourite colours.   704 more words


How Hard Can A Flat Roof Be?

The extension needed a roof.  Roofing quotes were very high.  Can you guess where this is going?

The first thing you need in a roof are some joists.  464 more words

Not Enough Hours In The Day

That important question from the last post: how hard can an extension be?  Turns out it’s not particularly hard, just bloody time consuming.  When you’re one woman working alone, between the hours of 9 and 2 to fit around school and nursery days, not particularly inclined to work outside in the rain, still trying to keep everything else afloat… it’s going to take an age.  180 more words

How Hard Can An Extension Be?

We needed an extension, a really big extension.  This seemed like something we should get somebody to do, but when we got a few quotes we were suitably horrified at the prices charged.  455 more words