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Day 2: Gutting the Basement

As the basement demolition continues, we’re still making great progress.. The bathroom is now gone and lots little features have been taken care of. With every wall that comes down, the space seems bigger and bigger. 72 more words


Day 1: Gutting the Basement

Yesterday started another exciting chapter: gutting the basement. We may be sad to leave our 90’s shag carpeting and carpeted bar behind, but it’ll be well worth it in the long run. 207 more words


Second Floor Renovations Day 1

Day 1 ended with the beginning of a period of mess.

First up on the big renovation agenda is to replace windows and reinsulate our two guest bedrooms. 154 more words


Coming Soon: new kitchen

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, or frankly renovated, but that’s in the process of changing… now.

We’re working with some great contractors to help us finally do some of the big renovations we’ve been waiting on since we… 76 more words


Outdoor Shower of My Dreams & Other Home Improvements

AS THE SUMMER OF ’16 fades into memory (say it isn’t so!), I’m taking stock of what I’ve accomplished and trying to savor those accomplishments, instead of feeling, as usual, that I haven’t done enough. 690 more words


Tips for renovating your own home

As we are reaching the midway point in our renovations of our first home together, and having renovated another house with my dad last year, here are a few tips that may be useful if you do not know where to begin! 2,588 more words


House update, floor laying and a well-deserved day off!

I tried to go to work on Friday, after a week off sick, and by lunchtime, my body was telling me to go home. Instead of heading back to ours, to our nice comfy bed and home comforts, I headed to Leamington, so as to not ruin our weekend’s plans, where possible. 677 more words