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When you want a screen door but your front door is so pretty.

In the last house renovation I treated myself to a really good solid mahogany front door. Previously it was an okay midgrade wood Dutch door and attached was a wooden screen glass combination storm. 300 more words

How I Survived My Kitchen (& Home) Renovation

Well, hello there! I’m just emerging from an extended pause, which I’m going to blame on my home renovation. The last month or so, leading up to and of course including the holiday season, was memorable, and incredibly stressful. 1,496 more words


The Great Room Becomes a Greater Room

IT’S GETTING ON FOR SPRING, and I’ve got a decorating project to look forward to. Naturally, this makes me very happy. It’s been a while since I had an opportunity to indulge this passion of mine, since I’m a designer with no clients — only myself. 556 more words


Peter Mayle

His memoirs took me on hour after hour of pleasure reading about his experiences in Provence, he will be greatly missed.

We have recently learned about the death of one of our favourite authors who died last month after a short illness. 204 more words


Is it Time to be done with an oil furnace?

Thank heavens for duct tape because it’s holding up the ancient Buderus furnace in the utility room.

Looks aside, it runs like a champ. We have it cleaned and serviced yearly, every year expecting to be told… 161 more words


Elderflowers and pomegranates.

Well this first pic has absolutely nothing to do with pomegranates or elderflowers but I always get excited when I play with compost. We are starting to sort out the area down the west side of the house where the clothesline is and up until now I’ve had one of my 6 compost bins there. 653 more words

Quickie Renovation in Philadelphia

ONE OF THE BEST PIECES of self-help advice I ever read in a magazine¬†was: “Savor your accomplishments.” Ridiculous that I had to read it in a magazine, but I did, and I took it to heart. 467 more words