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Pre-Written Letters for Your Landlord that will Lower your Rent


We have worked with dozens of clients who have found this economy unbearable. Fortunately we were able to save them thousands on their leases, either through temporary rent relief or the modification of their leases to reflect current market conditions. 9 more words


You can lower your rent and save your business

Would a lower monthly Rent payment help SAVE YOUR BUSINESS?

There is a solution.  You can lower your rent and save your business …

Dear Fellow Business Owner, 253 more words


Your Landlord Lowers the Rent, now What?

You have convinced your landlord to lower the rent for the next nine months. He was quite generous, a 50% discount, and he’s not even requiring you to payback the difference. 181 more words


How to write a Rent Relief Letter to your Landlord

We have written to dozens of landlords in the past nine months and have created a 60 minute workshop to help others. Join us July 21 and we will give you the tools to requested a rent reduction from your landlord. 17 more words


Write a letter to your Landlord to Lower the rent

You can just go to you landlord and ask him to lower your rent, but if that is your strategy, you have already lost. You need to be very prepared and ready to face your landlords questions and legitimate concerns….How much savings are you requesting? 85 more words


Creating a Rent Relief or Lease Modification Letter for your Landlord

We are having a 90 minute workshop May 19th that will give small business owners the confidence, tools, and sample Lease Modification & Rent Relief applications they can modify for their landlords. 6 more words


Rent Reduction Agreements

The following article gives a concise point of view on the issues that a Landlord will consider prior to giving a tenant a rent reduction.  Of course, please contact an attorney whose primary focus is lease terminatination and rent reduction services in order to better understand the issues surrounding your specific set of facts. 1,604 more words

Early Lease Termination