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How To Move To Your First Off-Campus Place

You’ve been living in the dorms for two years and you can’t handle any more RA’s, cafeteria food, or generic furniture. You’ve had enough and you’re ready to find your own place. 839 more words

Central London Properties v High Trees House Ltd

To read about this case in greater depth, and with the benefit of full OSCOLA referencing, simply purchase a copy of ‘The Case Law Compendium: English & European Law’ from leading booksellers around the world. 244 more words

Neil Egan-Ronayne

ITunes Store doubles movie rental playback time to 48 hours

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

Apple has slowly been improving the movie rental experience on iTunes this year as it focuses on revenue growth from services. Back in March, Apple introduced a new ‘rent once, watch anywhere’ feature that removed a playback restriction for viewing rentals on different devices. 191 more words


Apple Extends iTunes Movie Rental Window to 48 Hours in United States

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Apple’s new 48 hour rental policy will be a welcome change for customers who often rent content from iTunes. Prior to today, customers only had 24 hours after starting a movie to finish it in the U.S., but the 48 hour limit has long been available in other countries. 290 more words


Landlord Policies

Do you have an investment property used as a rental?

Do you ever rent your property on a short-term basis?

Coastal Elite Insurance Solutions has the perfect policy to meet any landlord needs…..whether you rent your property for one day or one year, we can help! 


Seasons of Love

Reflections on Shuffle-Play

Seasons of Love

Rent Soundtrack

I knew this song long before my mother died, but now all I think of when I hear it is her. 710 more words