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Renting Textbooks

We in India are fortunate in that many publishers have subcontinent editions of textbooks that are priced less than their international counterparts.

Its only when we go to the US, in pursuit of higher education, that we have to face the steep costs of textbooks, especially when we are on a budget due to limitations on the foreign exchange allowance allotted to us and the weakness of the Rupee. 207 more words


Why Renting Textbooks is a Ripoff, and Options

It’s getting to be that Back-to-School time again, which makes many college students begin to ponder the question: When it comes to textbooks, should you buy (new or used) or rent? 823 more words

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Renting textbooks becoming a popular option for college students

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Between tuition, room and board and textbooks — college is expensive! In an economy where the cost of higher education never seems to plateau, colleges and universities are coming up with ways to make college more affordable. 378 more words


Textbooks: How to cut costs...and headaches!

By Lauren Sharkey

College – whether it be tuition, books, housing, etc. – is at an all-time high as far as cost is concerned.  As a result, college students have to figure out different ways they can stretch their dollars in order to cover their bases. 641 more words

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Best of: Textbook Retailers

By Lauren Sharkey

While going to the University Bookstore is fast and convenient, it is not always the most economical choice for students on a budget.   193 more words

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Best of: Textbook Comparison

By Lauren Sharkey

Whether you’re renting or buying textbooks, it always seems to burn a hole in your pocket.  However, there are a lot of alternatives out there that can save you time and money.   298 more words

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Renting Textbooks Can Be A Costly Endeavor

This may seem like a random topic for our geek site, but given that it involved Amazon, it has given me good reason to look into it to post on our site. 414 more words