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Welcome to our new place - with pics!

I’m posting pictures of the new flat from when it was mostly empty. I don’t dare post pictures of how we’re living in it now, with all of our belongings in disarray and our visitor (my Mom!) sleeping on a mattress on living room floor. 426 more words

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Help to Buy...and a sad story for 30-somethings

It’s difficult not to be angry with the Baby Boomers. I recently read this great piece which really summed up for me the many problems now facing the Millennial generation. 822 more words


Optimizing our lives

Last week we moved into our new rental apartment in a town closer to Martin’s work.

Now instead of commuting for hours everyday in opposite directions, Martin is biking 20 minutes to the office and I will be working from home once I clear all this German paperwork! 220 more words

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Rent Rises for Leicestershire…but not a whole lot to write home about

It obviously depends what side of the debate you sit on, as no rise is welcome to a tenant. On the other hand, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest the pressure is nothing like as great as the hype would have us all believe ( 215 more words

Landlord's Failure to Provide Heating for Tenants

Cooler weather has now arrived in Phoenix. Although the people who are from the Northeastern region of the country are still wearing shorts and sandals, the rest of us are grabbing long sleeve shirts and jackets from the back of the closet to keep warm.  205 more words


Soon we're going to have to earn £120k just to live in London

Not feeling bad enough about how much it costs to rent a flat in London?

Well, we can fix that.

New figures reveal that people will have to earn around £120,000 a year to be able to rent a home in the capital by 2020. 179 more words


FACILITIES & A Case Study of A Church The State Bypassed - Literally.

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11/19/15.

Another question regarding facilities is the usefulness of leasing and/or renting a facility.  Here is a short case study created from a student’s actual situation. 218 more words

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