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London Lodging 1: The Lazy Landlord

As I come to the end of my first year here in London, I can sit back and reflect on how this tumultuous year has gone. 679 more words


Should Millennials Invest in a Home?

Many young professionals working in urban areas, such as Los Angeles and New York, are happy to report that they are renting an apartment or sharing a flat with a friend. 256 more words


In India, an Uber for farm machinery aims to make a difference in rural areas

Uber has inspired countless businesses to adopt its asset-light and on-demand approach to their industries. The examples are countless. Food delivery, dry cleaning, jet planes, home services rental bikes, or even phone chargers to name but a few — but how about farming equipment? 855 more words


5 Common Things People Buy in Singapore When They Should Be Renting Instead

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

You see something you like, you check its price, you think about whether you really need it and then you go ahead to buy it. 746 more words

Money Matters

Six Months Later..

Exactly six months ago, I made the decision to completely pack my life up and relocate to a totally new area. An area to which I had only driven through on one or two occasions, my first time going was the day that I viewed my flat that I am in now before paying my deposit the very same day and I have never looked back.I have no idea why I chose this area. 651 more words

Renting a room

I remember like it’s yesterday when I got the letter of acceptance to the University of Groningen. Having freshly graduated from high school, I was so excited to start a new life abroad, to meet new friends and to finally move out from my parents’ place. 575 more words


Comparing Renting a House Vs Renting Apartments in Denver CO

In this article we’re going to cover the difference between renting a house vs renting an apartment and go in depth on the pros and cons of the two. 661 more words