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Buying a Tenanted Home

By Matthew Rizzo,

Many people rent out their basements or even just a room in their home to have some extra money coming in every month. 148 more words

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No Room At The Inn

Experiences of a renter or No ROOM at the INN!

The renter – that much maligned species. Looked down on by the house owner, even if in mortgage arrears. 512 more words

This And That

Settled and Safe: a local case study

Angela and Howard are a married couple, with a young daughter at primary school.  For the purposes of this case study, we have changed their names, but the rest of the facts remain true.   696 more words

Citizens Advice Hart

London: The Beginning

As I’m writing this blog post in the comfort of a cozy cafe around the corner from my home with a latte and croissant in front of me, with the hustle and bustle of business professionals on their phones with a cup of coffee in their hands, mums with prams and/or in active wear strutting around, and school kids yelling at each other; I can’t help but giggle to myself when I think of all the mountains AY and I had to climb to get here. 2,133 more words


Advantages to Home Ownership

If you’re thinking about buying a new home there are many things to consider, including the tax benefits of owning a home. 

Sure, filing taxes may become a little more complicated, but you may be able to deduct home-related expenses and the savings on can add up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. 425 more words

I like paying to be told what to do!!

Are you renting a home or an apartment? If yes, you’re wasting money. You are not only paying someone else’s mortgage, but losing out on home ownership tax benefits. 573 more words

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