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Renzo Gracie excited for UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden – a parking lot away from his gym

With five fighters representing his gym at Nov. 12’s UFC 205 in New York City, UFC and PRIDE vet Renzo Gracie (13-7-1) is happy to finally have an event in his backyard – an expression that, in this particular case, is barely an exaggeration. 536 more words


Ryan Lochte May Have Lied About Being Robbed To Hide Cheating From His Girlfriend

Ryan Lochte maybe in a little trouble. Wednesday morning, the Rio police did not want Lochte to leave the country after his claims of being robbed at gunpoint, but the swim star is already out-of-there and on his way back to The United States. 180 more words


Rick's Cabaret New York Girls Root For Gregor Gracie As He Competes For His Third World Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Gregor Gracie, competing out of the Renzo Gracie NY Gym is the third generation of the famous Gracie family. He is a two time World Champion and will be going after his third World Title (in the medium heavy weight class) at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Tournament in Long Beach, California this week. 163 more words

Interview Highlights: Renzo Gracie Talks About Shane McMahon's Wrestlemania Training

Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and MMA fighter Renzo Gracie made an appearance on The Countdown podcast, highlights of which were posted at FOXSports.com at this link. 303 more words


The Gracies Are Training Shane McMahon For His Wrestlemania Match Against The Undertaker

Shane McMahon made waves in the pro wrestling world last month when he unexpectedly returned to the WWE in a storyline where he’s challenging his father and sister for control of the promotion. 437 more words


Girls Just Want To Have Fun: In No-Gi, With Armbars and Guillotines

My Brazilian JiuJitsu teammates and I climb up the stairs of the Renzo Gracie Academy to the final floor. The women are talking excitedly about upcoming tournaments; April is quickly approaching and several of them are competing. 2,504 more words


You Can Run, But You Can't Hide From These Badasses

Renzo Gracie’s Manhattan Academy sits cozily in Midtown, only a block away from Madison Square Garden. True to the New York lifestyle, people are streaming in and out of the studio all day: Working men standing patiently outside the door at 6:30 am, colored belts in their briefcases as they wait to roll; Instructors switching on lights that another had switched off twenty minutes before, to prepare for a noon class or a private session; Children in their miniature gis leaving the academy in the afternoon as they hold their parents’ hands; The sun setting while Muay Thai students wrap their hands as they wait for their practice to begin. 2,732 more words