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Class Placement at Forestdale and Oak Ridge for 2015-2016

by Marc J. Smith, Forestdale Principal and Trish Hill, Oak Ridge Principal

Since very early on in the reconfiguration conversation, many people have been interested in how we will determine student placement.  543 more words


Cost Cutting: Steps, Strategies and Precautions that can help

Cutting cost is one of ways to improve profitability. In this article, I offer my views on few steps, strategies and precautions while taking up such a critical project. 757 more words

Advanced Strategy

[ARTICLE] Extrastriate visual cortex reorganizes despite sequential bilateral occipital stroke: implications for vision recovery - Full Text PDF

ABSTRACT (1304 characters without spaces)

The extent of visual cortex reorganization following injury remains controversial. We report serial functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data from a patient with sequential posterior circulation strokes occurring three weeks apart, compared with data from an agematched healthy control subject. 171 more words


To Hell With Organization!

As you may, or may not, know my goal was to be more organized so I had more time to write. Well, it’s not working out for me. 274 more words

Casey Sheridan

Elementary Schools Q&A - News about 2015-2016 from the Entire Administrative Team!

Welcome to the first Elementary Schools Q&A from your Administrative Team for 2015-2016!

We are Chris Dintino, Assistant Principal and Marc Smith, Principal – from Forestdale… 244 more words


The Organizational Snow Ball

Today is the first day of spring (and my dad’s birthday, Happy Birthday Dad!) but it is also something way more exciting for people like me.   735 more words


It's All in the Name

As I was processing writing this blog there are several things that have I have been taught recently that stuck in my mind. One of which was at a leadership meeting last week and the main topic of the night was the prefix “re-” and how it applies to casting vision and moving forward.   414 more words