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Tidens ände/End of time

I found a time-painting I had forgotten. This is what happens when cleaning.

Here I imagine time as a long (or short) rope, which has an end. 71 more words


from [PLEA] July 2014

from self-published collection PLEA, published July 2014


in the book of mild love, a capital letter cares for a typo. it is not a caring one might do for a newborn, the sick, or for a felon who as a newborn was often sick. 444 more words

Rep. Gohmert: Obama Outed Active Israeli Iranian Spy Mission

Rep. Gohmert: Obama Outed Active Israeli Iranian Spy Mission
Gohmert also related that he is often asked about prophecies of “end-of-days” events, and how they might be tied to the current events. 20 more words

Establishing Patterns and Building Neural Pathways: No Such Thing as Wasted Reps

One of the biggest dilemmas that fitness newcomers face is dealing with wasted effort. Even intermediate and advanced fitness aficionados struggle with optimizing their time in the gym. 698 more words


REP - Dia dos Comandos

Actividade comemorativa do Dia dos Comandos

Integrado nas comemorações do Dia dos Comandos, iremos montar para efeitos de operação / demonstração uma estação de radioamadorismo. 60 more words


Senior Model Rep Program

Rocky Branch Photography is now looking for local male and female seniors from the class of 2016 to be senior model reps. Senior reps will be offered their senior sessions for free, with the understanding that they will be expected to refer at least one person that books a session within 90 days, or be charged for their session. 45 more words

Senior Photos