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REP Sponsored Post Amazon

Amazon is one of my most used apps. I used it daily to find new items, check the best price while I’m shopping, and get all sorts of goodies for my family. 175 more words

REP Sponsored Ad

What are the ads strengths?

One of the greatest strengths of this ad is the shock value of it. I feel like normally a company would try to go for a really clean, bright photo to get their viewers attention, but for this one they went just the opposite. 150 more words

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Heinz Ketchup Ad Reverse Engineer Design Post

Heinz Ketchup Advertisement

What are the ad’s strengths?

The ad is extremely simple, and yet so creative! It really draws in the attention of the audience with it’s simplicity and then making them think with why the bottle is sliced up like a tomato. 262 more words

Chaney's Final Bills Scheduled for Hearing

The last two bills worked on and sponsored by Rep. Greg Chaney will be heard in the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee Monday, March 19, 2018.  124 more words

Greg Chaney

DIPG Awareness Day Approved

UPDATE: The Senate this week approved the resolution unanimously on Monday.  Thanks to Sen. Mary Souza (R-Coeur d’Alene) for carrying the bill on the floor. 662 more words

Greg Chaney

Sealin' Hearts

Since we are working on stickers this week, I wanted to find some professionally designed stickers. The stickers I found were from Behance.com. I really liked this set of stickers because they all matched each other and had the same subject, which I thought was a good idea. 183 more words


Things You Should And Should Not Do After You Apply For Your Mortgage

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There are lots of things that you should and should not do after you apply for your mortgage so picking just a few to discuss here is no easy task. 484 more words

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